Thursday, December 18, 2008

Savage Saturday Update

Wow. Have I been slacking on this or what...?!

Well we've taken a break from the Twilight Campaign. They ditched the Reset Papers with the DIA in Krakow and got themselves regular type jobs. I'm refering to it ass the "Twilight Campaign" rather than the "Twilight: 2000 Campaign" as I decided it should really be set in 1990 - where, as alternative history, it makes a bit more sense.... So all dates have just been made -10 years. I’d like to return to this sometime, but my interests have taken me in new directions lately – Fantasy.

Everyone made up new characters in November using the Fantasy Character Generator Toolkit. I sort of love this – it’s totally fun just making characters. It fleshes out the characters with the type of background most players just couldn’t be bothered with to come up with themselves. It also tends to make characters that are really good at what they do – though often to the exclusion of all other things…

I have players that, when making up regular characters with the regular character generation rules, tend to take a little bit of everything – but they end up sucking at everything and aren’t really good at anything. So it’s refreshing having them play characters that are actually pretty good at what they do. I can make harder adventures for them and know it won’t kill them outright…. well… sometimes… The problem is You get guys that are SUPER good at what they do – fighter types with d10 strength and d12 in fighting… but no stealth, no healing, no nothing… Thieves with d12 in stealth and lockpicking, but no fighting or shooting whatsoever!? When you have both of these in the same party it becomes problematic – to add elements where the thief can shine that won’t be ruined by the fighters inability to be “sneaky” or to add combat foes that the fighter won’t take down in the first round of combat – but won’t kill the thief in the first round of combat…

We’ve played two sessions with the fantasy characters. There was a bit of a break when I had some surgery, and now we won’t be playing again until the new year – everyone’s got festive holiday activities that are apparently more interesting than Savage Saturdays…

In the last game three of the four characters died. Got a little cocky with their d10 strength and d12 fighting and decided to go toe-to-toe with a Royal Mummy… What do you do? Reward stupidity and say “ah, you’re not really dead… you were just ‘knocked out’….”. I guess. I’ve done it in the past. Yeah that last 3 wound causing attack was to your leg, you now have a move of 4 and a run of d4… that’ll learn ya!

Well I’ll try to be a little more regular with this in the new year. Over the holidays I plan to do a few posts featuring some of the characters my players have come up with, post some pics of games.

In the New Year I think we’ll be forging on with a Fantasy Campaign…. perhaps with some new characters….

The Campaign may, at some point tie into a Hordes of the Things wargame Campaign I’m planning on running in the spring.

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