Sunday, October 25, 2009

How Daichi met Hiroki

Since Rick and Jackson were down with the flu, but Darrin an Amanda were available and raring to carry on I decided to run a little “flashback” or “Origins Adventure”…


About half a year before our Last Episode, Daichi and Hiroki had both been on the road for some time, wandering on their own. They both happen to find themselves in a small town in the Teriyaki province. They were in an Inn each spending their last mon on a bowl of millet…


While eating their respective bowl of millet a guest of the inn was also dining and enjoying much saki. He boasted how he was heading to the capitol with dispatches and gifts for the Shogun which would bring his clan great renown (and himself much honor!).

When he said he would be there in two days, the locals asked how that could be as it was at least a weeks journey by the road. The Messenger said he had heard there was a road through the Gachou Pass nearby that would get him there in two days. The locals looked on in shock and horror and explained to him the pass was no longer used as an Oni lived up in the pass and preyed the nearby farmers’ animals and any travelers foolish enough to go up that way.

The messenger looked as though he might cry. Then he stood up and announced to all in the Inn; “Is there any man here brave and skilled enough to defeat an Oni?! If there is and they are willing to escort me through the Gachou Pass to the capitol I will be able to provide food and drink on the journey and pay them much mon when we arrive there!”

Akira stood up and said “I don’t know if there’s any MAN that will, but I can…”

Daichi also offered his services.

Two others also stepped up. They claimed to be masters of archery that could kill an oni with a single shot through it’s eye…

The Messenger introduced himself as Kaoru of the Miso Clan and said he would take them all and they would leave at dawn!

The next day the group set off bring and early. They reached the pass in the early afternoon and there they met…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The ONI!!

The archers made a run for it on their first action card…!?

Daichi charged in and tried to whack it with his staff… silly Daichi… for his troubles the Oni chopped him good causing 2 wounds…

Akira then charged in!

One slice slashed his arm and leg and sent him reeling…

The second slice took off his head… Kaoru rushed out from his hiding spot with much praise for Akira.

There was little time for celebration, however, as an arrow whistled by Akira’s head and another struck Karou in the leg.

They quickly bustled over the horozon so the archers would have to come closer if they really wanted to kill them.

When the archers came running into view Akira and Daichi Charged!

With a single slash Akria darned near cleaved one archer in two (5 wounds!!). The other threw down his bow and begged for mercy. Akira took his bow and broke it in two and left him groveling there on the mountain side…

They carried on to the capitol without further trouble. There Kaoru paid them some money – but not perhaps as much as he led them to believe. Whatever the case he was very grateful and in their debt…

After that we watched the Seven Samurai, which I had taken out from the Saskatoon Public Library three weeks ago but still hadn’t gotten around to watching…!?