Monday, January 11, 2010

Murder at Kyotei Castle – Part One

This past Saturday our new Savage Worlds Campaign set in Rokugan (the setting for Alderac Entertainment Group’s Legend of the Five Rings) got underway! We are playing an adventure called Murder at Kyotei Castle which is one of two adventures included in Honours Veil).

It’s been a while since I played with such a large group (SEVEN players!) and a while since I’ve run some gen-u-ine role-playing adventures. Most of the games I’ve run on Savage Saturday for the last while have pretty much been straight up skirmish games – which is totally fun - but sometimes it’s a whole lot of fun to put the minis aside and do some good old role-playing!

In a Nutshell: the group was invited to attend the Bon Festival at Kyotei castle. They arrived, got settled in and chatted up some other samurai that were hanging about. Later in the evening was the Bon Festival. Gorou, due to his being an Imperial magistrate, got to sit at the “adult table” with the all the local bigwigs and a couple of visiting Daimyo. Much time was spent yakking with people at the party. In the morning there seemed to be a disturbance in the castle and with a bit of asking about they figured out the local Daimyo had been murdered in the night…

…and that’s about it…

Next week: the investigation begins!

Christian has made a character... but I'll post details about that a bit later with some more background details about the other players.

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