Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Anya Ivanovna Putyatin

Yet another character background for our East Front Campaign. Anya Putyatin is Amanda’s character.

Anya Putyatin – Wild Card - Amanda
Ag d6, Sm d8, Sp d8, St d4, Vg d4,
Pace 6, Parry 4, Toughness 4
Skills: Fighting d4, Shooting d6, Notice d6, Stealth d4, Healing d8, Throwing d4, Psionics d10, Knowledge (Occult) d4
Edges: Healer, Combat Medic, Arcane Background (Psionics)
Hindrances: Heroic,
Gear: Uniform, Medical Kit
Powers: Healing, Detect Arcana, Bolt

Anya comes from a long maternal line of healers. Many of her ancestors have been burned as witches, but "the craft" has carried on, generation after generation, mother to daughter. They have lived for centuries in small nameless villages on the western flanks of the Urals.

She is the youngest daughter of Ivan Michailovich Putyatin (a blacksmith) and Nadia Borysovna. Anya was born 23 September 1915 and is 26 years old at the beginning of 1942. She has three older siblings. Her sister, Oksana, was born 23 February 1913. Her brother, Nikolai, was born 11 January 1914, and her other brother, “Sasha”, was born 28 November 1914.

Ivan was conscripted in early 1915 during the Great War and rushed to the front. He served briefly with the 2nd Army and died near Warsaw in late July of that year. Before Anya was even born.

After Ivan left for the war, Nadia and her children returned to live on her parents’ farm. Anya’s Grandfather, Borys, was killed by Tsarists in October of 1920 when he refused to give up a portion of their pitiful harvest. Her Mother was executed by the Bolsheviks the following July “for giving aid and comfort to counterrevolutionaries”.

Anya and her siblings were then raised by their grandmother. Anya and Oksana learned “the carft” from Baba Yelena.

“Sasha” disappeared when they were still young (c. 1928). Nikolai is in a “corrective labour camp” in Siberia.

Anya joined the Red Army as a nurse in 1937. She served at a military hospital in Moscow for some years. In late 1941 as the fascist forces of Nazi Germany drew ever closer to Moscow Anya was transferred to the front as a medical aide.

She was seriously wounded in combat against supernatural foes. She spent some time as a patient in the very same hospital in which she had served for all those years. She was interrogated a few times by the NKVD about the “mutiny incident” in which she was wounded, then further interviewed by some other officials.

She was then recruited by the BPO as a Psyonik and trained to use the same abilities she had used for so long to heal in need – to kill the fascist enemies of the state.

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