Sunday, March 13, 2011

Williams Letter Home

Dear Father,

How are you and mother? I am well. We are currently in the area of Karkarham. We have learned that the Pirate captain Graasth of The Hawk has stolen the ship. We confronted him when he came into town, there was a scuffle and we ended up capturing him. When we were returning to Haarn's ship we were spotted by the crew of the Hawk. They pursued us but we managed to escape them. After interrogating Graasth we learned that he had been hired to steal the ship by a German woman. We then discreetly brought the widow Mrs. Preston up on deck and after she returned to her quarters Graasth said that it was her. I was not sure whether to believe him. I know he is a pirate but he was also being threatened by a High Martian, which would make many people cooperate. Mr. Challenger thought that if Mrs. Preston were actually German then she would react to him speaking her native language. He went to talk to her and ended up being forced at gunpoint back up onto the deck, where I was waiting with Haarn and the High Martian. After trying to convince Mrs. Preston to drop the gun, it turned into a fight. Regrettably I had to resort to restraining Mrs. Preston quite forcefully. We are now on our way to attack a pirate fortress and reclaim a prototype ship. If I weren't assigned to protect Mr. Challenger then I almost certainly wouldn't be in this situation. But then again, there will be many a chance to prove myself.

Your adventuring son,

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