Sunday, April 10, 2011

William Mclintoch

No one seemed to be available to play this week... but I do have one character backgound to share with you. Christian's charcter for Rippers (look familiar?).

William Mclintoch
Ag d8, Sm d6, Sp d10, St d8, Vg d6,
Pace 6, Parry 6, Toughness 5
Skills: Fighting d8, Shooting d10, Notice d6, Stealth d6, Intimidate d8, Throwing d6, Swim d4, Boating d4, Streetwise d4
Edges: Ambidextrous, Two-fisted, Dodge, Fleet-footerd, Trademark Weapon
Hindrances: Greedy (minor), Vengeful (minor), Stubborn
Gear: Dirk (Str+d4), 2x Pistol (Range: 5/10/20, ROF1, Damage: 2d6, AP: 1)
Languages: English, Chinese,

William McClintoch was born in 1842 in the Scottish highlands, in the farming community of Lairg. His parents scratched out an existence as sheep farmers, but William caught the exploring bug early, often running off to fish or go punting with friends on the nearly Loch Shin. This wanderlust led him to Glasgow, where he heard stories of the opportunity to be had in America now that the US Civil War had ended. He stowed away on a trading vessel, and although caught, negotiated a term of service with the captain to pay for his passage. William reneged as soon as the ship reached Boston, and he immediately started moving west to the frontier. William spent several years in the American West, never staying in any one place for long, and picking up the proficiency with dual revolvers that he is known for. Eventually he worked his way out to California, leaving behind him a trail of unpaid bills and irate former partners, a few curious lawmen, and the occasional buried former enemy. Hoping that there was still some gold in the California hills, he staked what turned out to be another fruitless claim with another hapless and eventually vengeful partner. Fleeing to San Francisco, William was dazzled by tales of the opportunities to be had in China, and took passage on a steamer to Shanghai.

In Shanghai William quickly teamed up with another Scotsman by the name of Craig Johnston, and they joined the ranks of those seeking to ransack the treasures of Chinese history for profit. The duo recorded a slew of successes by raiding tombs, towns, and temples for antiquities, which they then sold for huge profits. Again, William showed a talent for utter unscrupulousness combined with a knack for getting out with all the loot at the exact right time., locals and authorities hot on their tails. It was in the farthest Northern corner of Manchuria that William and Craig learned of the fabulous mountain temple of Fang Shen, reputed to be the lost fastness of a group of wealthy monks possessed of great treasures. When they discovered the temple, they found to their horror that it was in fact inhabited by a group of fanatic martial artists. Still, William and Craig and their retainers persevered, shooting their way into the heart of the temple, where they discovered Fang Shen, the temple's master and namesake, a thoroughly ancient and evil sorceror of considerable power . William barely escaped, pursued by the reanimated corpses of his party and the temple guards that they had killed. The experience shook him, and he took passage to London, where he looked for and found others who shared his knowledge of and revulsion for the supernatural.

William is almost a stereotypical stubborn and tightfisted Scot, who is both avaricious and easliy offended. He does not care who he offends, so long as he comes out ahead. He is quite paranoid and narrow-minded, and views anyone who is not a Highlander as some sort of lesser being. He is deeply hateful of the Chinese, although he still is fluent in Mandarin, and views anyone who has any sort of martial arts training as being worthy of the most deep and virulent suspicion. William is, however, despite his flaws, deeply committed to eradicating the supernatural wherever he finds it, and will use whatever means, fair or foul, to accomplish this goal.

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