Sunday, May 1, 2011

Savage Saturday Hiatus

It's that time of year again... Savage Saturday is going on hiatus for a bit. I might start again later in the summer... might be fall... we shall see. I seem to do this every spring… Things get busy with various kids activities winding up – final concerts and recitals and all the extra practices and rehearsals that entails. I also like to start getting out and doing some long distance bike rides on Sunday mornings.

I have some other stuff I want to focus on, game-wise; mostly Zulu War and Great War projects using Ever Victorious Armies/Contemptible Little Armies/Black Powder/etc maybe even some DBA or HOTT. I’ll be pretty busy painting new forces and preparing games for Toon Con in the fall. This I'll probably be doing most of this on random weeknights. You can follow all that action over on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog.

I'd also like to do some more board gaming. I had actually planned to play Age of Conan this afternoon… but the whole family is sick so I had to call it off... I have a whole lot of board games, many of which I've picked up over the last couple years and played very few of them - I want to actually get around to playing a few more!

I also want to do some more painting of pictures, drawing of comics, get some more reading done and, as I mentioned, start getting up early for long distance bike rides on Sunday mornings, etc, etc... (You can read about some of that over on The Bike Blog and The Art Blog)

So I just don't have time to prepare and run a regular game on Saturday nights.

When I DO start up again I want to have a complete campaign planned out - toys painted and any required terrain/vehicles built, adventures read, cards for extras and wild cad NPCs all filled out, etc. It will be Realms of Cthulhu or Savage Space:1889 (so those of you playing in those campaigns that haven't completed a background for either of those characters - get on it!).

I did just order a schwack-load of Martians from Rafm (seriously… like 200 of them…) and I’ve been eyeing up Black Cat Bases Deep Ones and Mi Go and other assorted Cthulhu Critters (they’re on sale – 20% off - right now… doh…) - not to mention Rafm’s Cthulhu stuff. I guess that’s where some planning might come in handy – figure out which of those cthulhu critters I might actually NEED for the various adventures I’m going to run…

Cheerio for now…

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neldoreth said...

I always try to plan things... but then I get distracted and always end up rushing around trying to get things ready... Looking forward to seeing all the stuff you have going on!