Saturday, October 20, 2012

Isle of the Satyrs - Part Two

We finally got back to playing this campaign last week and had some friends join us. After making up some new characters (Callimorphus, Demetrius, and Artemisia) for them we played a quick encounter.

Following on from our last game our heroes were preparing to leave the island when the brother of the head Satyr (who was killed) arrived at the town looking for REVENGE!

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Dionysophenes with some of the villagers.

Callimorphus (with the gree shield) charging into the thick of it… followed (at some distance) by Athis, Demetrius, and Artemisia

The fearsome Calimorphus is injured by the Satyrs arrows!

Athis, Demetrius, and Artemisia (and Artemisia’s dog Cronos) ganging up on one of the remaining satyrs!

Their foes vanquished. There was much rejoicing….

That was just over two weeks ago now.… last week I was sick… this week the Andersons were heading out of town… Next week is Book Club…

So maybe we’ll get back to this in November!? (Unless I get in a game with just the kids sometime...)

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