Friday, October 10, 2008

Another Day in Krakow

Savage Twilight: 2000 – Session #3

Whoops, slacking off on these already!

The adventure picked up where we left off last week. Watches were setup and the characters settled down for some shut-eye in their new home.

Just past midnight, on Sgt Davis’ shift, a patrol of the ORMO passed by in the street below. As they disappeared out of sight in the darkness (only a couple “doors” down) There was much shouting followed abruptly by a large volume of gunfire! The patrol had walked into an Ambush of some sort. Harris immediately started searching for targets and began taking them down.

Spec Harris and Lt. Fisher flew into action – down the stairs and into the street to intervene. Most of the ORMO were down by this point. Harris took down three of the ambushers, Davis picked off two. Lt. Fisher managed to capture one alive and un injured.

Another patrol arrived, the injured were taken to the hospital, and the group made some friends within the ORMO. They were also able to scavenge some ammo from the ambushers (though not useful to them, they figured they might be able to sell or trade it for something they could use.

Watts, who was now working at the hospital, helped fix some of the wounded ORMO as they arrived later in the morning.

After a couple more hours of sleep they got up and decided to explore the town. They were unsuccessful in their search for employment or event to trade away the scavenged ammo. They did however meek Henryk Halecki and had a drink and chat with him at his night club; the Na Zdrowie.

Not sure if we will be playing this again next Saturday…. Darrin and Lloyd are bailing (Thanksgiving family rubbish)… the next week Lloyd and Andrej are bailing (apparently UFC is more interesting than my Savage Worlds game…). Maybe I’ll set up some Rippers skirmish games or something… or perhaps just forge on without them…!?

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