Monday, September 29, 2008

Welcome to Krakow

Savage Twilight: 2000 – Session #2

This week Darrin joined Lloyd, Andrej and Amanda. He showed up a bit early and made his character; Specialist William Harris (Combat Engineer). He was still finishing up as we started to play.

The adventure picked up on the road Northwest of Krakow, Poland. Fisher, Watts and Davis continued along their way – rucksacks about 30lbs heavier - leaving the scene of the ambush behind them. While taking a break in the early afternoon, concealed in a stand of trees by a crossroads, another soldier in an American uniform come strolling up from the west. After challenging the soldier and a brief exchange of bravado, they determined that they were of a like mind and decided to carry on their merry way together.

In the late afternoon they came across some farmers working in a field. After a little chit-chat they were invited back for supper in exchange for Cpl. Watts doing the rounds of the communal farm/small village. After dispensing much advice, a few aspirins and a handful of the few remaining anit-biotics he had, they all had their bellies filled with the first home-cooked meals they’d had in a while. They then stayed the night as the farmers advised it wouldn’t be safe to carry on into Krakow this late in the evening.

The next morning they wandered into Krakow, past miles of rubble, constantly picked over by scattered scavengers, and mine-fields which also were being picked over by scavengers – though fewer, and every so often they heard the report of one scavenger being not-so-lucky.

Eventually, they ran into a patrol of the ORMO (the Krakow defence force). They were escorted to a check point where they met with the patrols commander. There they were issued temporary papers that allowed them to travel from the checkpoint to the city hall where they could apply for permanent citizenship papers.

They made their way into the center of the city where there were more and more standing buildings and even some that were occupied. The city center was like a walled medieval city – complete with rebuilt ramparts and gates. Once at the city hall they were held ina waiting area for over six hours before they were brought before the Rada (the town council).

The council questioned them briefly and then issued them provisional citizenship papers and explained to them that they would have to return in a month with proof that they had found gainful employment or were conducting legitimate business of their own to have their citizenship ratified. The Rada suggested that Cpl. Watts try the hospital as they were always looking for qualified medical personnel.

The group then found their way to the hospital and after a short interview Cpl. Watts was offered work at the hospital. He would have to stay in the hospital residence and would be given three square meals a day, and work 12 hour shifts…. But it was better than starving to death or being killed by soviets or bandits – which he had lived in constant threat of for the last month.

The rest of the group bid him TTFN and wandered back outside the walled part of the city in search of an abandoned building to crash in for the night…..

We will be playing this again next (Savage) Saturday.

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