Thursday, September 25, 2008

On the Road to Krakow

Savage Twilight: 2000 – Session #1

Lloyd, Andrej, and Amanda showed up and made characters this past weekend.

Amanda is playing Lt. Sara Fisher, who wa,s until recently, S2 (Intelligence Officer) for 2nd Brigade, 5 Infantry Division (Mechanized).

Lloyd is playing Sgt. Thompson “Tweeter” Davis, Sniper.

Andrej is playing Cpl. Eric Watts, Combat Medic.

Hopefully they will fill in a bit more background at some point…

When their characters were more or less finished we started off the campaign with a quick little encounter on the road northwest of Krakow, Poland. I don’t want to go into too much detail as there are a couple other players that will be joining us that missed this episode and it should really be up to those that were there how much they let on about what happened. Essentially they investigated the site of an ambush. More on that later….

For anyone familiar with the campaign I basically skipped the Escape from Kalisz scenario and dropped them right into the Free City of Krakow… well… on the road Northwest of Krakow where the first encounter takes place…

We will be playing this again on the next (Savage) Saturday.

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