Monday, September 22, 2008

House Rules for Savage Saturday


First a couple of rules pertaining to the Game night itself:

WE will be STARTING at 8PM sharp! So show up anytime after about 7:30 but before 8PM. I give out bennies at 8PM if you aren't here you don't get any!!!

I will be accepting bribes for bennies as in the past, but as I've been trying to cut back on the root beer consumption (and doing pretty good, I've only had two in the last 14 weeks) I will now ONLY accept ORGANIC root beer as bribes for bonus bennies. Santa Cruz are available from Steep Hill Food Co-op and I think there’s one available at some Safeways… (“Brews” or something like that…).

Also anyone that posts a comment on this blog with their (or rather their CHARACTER’s) take on the evenings adventure will get a bonus benny the next week.

Next post I’ll get to some actual house Rules for the Savage Worlds System!

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