Sunday, February 22, 2009

Return to Nordland

Since our last game over a year has passed. Brijit Dannerwood convinced the Nordsk boat crew to sail for Eilf to return the broken Elessar and the body of his brother, Ereinion, to their family. The family was greatful and the boat crew was well rewarded for their service.

Originally Brigit thought she’d have the boatmen drop her off in Morgond as they made their way back to Nordland, but instead the Luinwe invited her to stay and she did. Ellessar’s recover was long and difficult and despite the best efforts of the healers he remains mute. When he was healed enough they decided to go adventuring again and would head to Dwarvia in search of their Dwarf friends Ivan and Torte.

There was much activity upon their arrival in Sykl – apparently a large Orc War Party was ravaging the lands to the North and East and a force was being raised to meet it in battle. Brijit and Ellesar joined the forces heading out to meet the orcs, since it was sort of on their way anyway…

The Force met up with a larger contingent of Dwarves from the fortress of Harra-Dûr that were also marching to meet the Orcs. The two armies met in the foothills between East Nordland and Dwarvia.

A report of the battle can be found on my other blog:

The Battle of Bodge Hill

I wanted to try out my new house rules for Savage Worlds Characters in mass battles using Hordes of the Things (Hordes of the SAVAGE things).

I think they worked out pretty darn okay.

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