Friday, November 20, 2009

To the Temple of Wah

It’s been darn near two months since the last episode of our current “Oriental Adventures” campaign…. People were away… or sick… or stalking Bambi’s mum out in the bush…

On one of the intervening evenings I ran a “flashback” scenario about How Daichi met Akira.

This past Saturday everyone was in reasonably good health and available so we got back to the action!

To make a long story startlingly short…

Once everyone regained consciousness (both Akira and Isamu had been greiviously wounded in the last episode), the spent the rest of the afternoon stumbling along through the jungle valley as best they could to try and as much distance between themselves and any goblins that might still be lurking about as possible. By late afternoon the two ronin had collapsed again into unconciousness that they could not be wakened from until morning.

When morning did arrive, the woke to find a withered old man standing over them inquiring as to what they were doing there. Without waiting for much of a sensible explanation, or indeed for all to wake up, he instructed them to follow him and took of with uncanny speed through the jungle for some one evidently so advanced in years.

After a very close encounter with a goblin war party he continued to lead them to his hermitage – a cave in the side of a mountain.

There he brewed up a nasty smelling concoction that required spirit rolls to consume, but once all were able, they fell into a deep sleep and when they finally awoke felt much refreshed and well on their way to recovering from their wounds.

The old hermit then bid them on their way and our heroes obliged. They made their way across the jungle valley without incident. The next day they climbed through the pass and down though the mountains on the other side.

When they finally came to cultivated area they stayed a night at a farm. The following day they made their way to the Temple of Wah and dropped off the idol – after finding some small amount of information about it.

There everyone decided to stay for a few more days to rest up before carrying on with their wanderings.

…and that was pretty much that… it was still early so we played a bit of HOTT.

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