Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Letter from Tom

A letter from Tom Cranston to his mother back in Canada

Dear mum, how are you and dad doing? I hope you had a good christmas as you will get this letter after the season. I have recently learned my letters, and that is all thanks to the job I have at the university. I am still doing work as a gardener here. I am no longer paying a student to write you letters, as I can do it all myself. Hopefully you will get them more often now.

I am going to try and visit your family in Ukraine, and see how my cousins are, now that you have told me where they are I will go there early in the new year as I don't have much gardening to do right now.

I will ask Kathie's mum if she wants to move to Canada now, I will let her know there is room at the farm for her. I was pretty saddened by both Kathie's death and her dad's but it has been a year since he died and I think it is time for her to start living again, I know Missus Conrad is the same way, and hopefully being out there with you will make her happier. I send her a little money now and then, helping her seems like the right thing to do.

Just last week I was out to London with my chums, the germans, the indian, and the two Lady professors from the university doing some christmas shopping. We saved a banker we knew in London from a gang of murderers that burnt his house down and we met a barrister in Oxford that was attacked by the very same group, I was not able to save him and he died. They burnt his house down as well, I think some of the gangs here are getting more and more dangerous. Mr Ronson (the banker) was very grateful that we helped him by scaring the gangsters away, I think it was the sword that the indian carries, it looks pretty frightening. Mr Ronson told us that his friend Mr Gordon (the barrister) might be in danger too so we hotfooted over there but we were not in time, his house burnt down as well.

I have taken up boxing so I can better defend myself from these thugs as well.

Tell Sarah I am happy that she is expecting again, and tell Louis I can still beat him in a foot race! Tell the rest of them that I am doing well and have job where I can still do an honest days work and get paid an honest days wage.

I hope everyone likes the gifts I got them!

I have to go back to learning my reading, so I will write again soon.
Your son

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