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Gennady Vasilievich Stepanoff

Leytnant Gennady Vasilievich Stepanoff is Christian's character in our East Front Campaign. What follows is a character background he wrote (other players take note - he gets 5 skill points and a couple free edges just for writing this!):

Leytenant Gennay Vasilievich Steianoff - Wild Card - Christian
Ag d6, Sm d6, Sp d8, St d4, Vg d8,
Pace 6, Parry 4, Toughness 6
Skills: Fighting d4, Shooting d8, Notice d6, Stealth d4, Throwing d4, Intimidate d6, Repair d6, Knowledge (Machining) d4, Knowledge (Party Politick) d6, Survival d4
Edges: Rank (Officer), Party Member, Connections,
Hindrances: Overconfident, Loyal (party)
Gear: Ppsh SMG (Range: 10/20/40, ROF3, Damage: 2d6, AP: 1, Auto), Pistol (Range: 6/12/24, ROF1, Damage: 2d6, AP: 1)

Leytnant Gennady Vasilievich Stepanoff was born on 26 Nov 1921, in Leningrad, where he lived until joining the Red Army in late 1940.

His parents are Vasily Ivanovich Stepanoff, 46, born 3 January 1896, and Ekaterina Semyonova Stepanoff, 42, born 15 August 1899. They are both factory workers in Leningrad. Gennady has one brother, Vladimir, 16, born 15 May 1926, and two sisters, Lidiya, 15, born 12 March 1927, and Ruslana, 19, born 8 November 1922. Ruslana is a Red Army nurse somewhere on the front, and the other two are still in school in Leningrad. With the German blockade in the city, Gennady has not heard from anyone in his family since the invasion, and worries about their fate, as the family was very close. Although he does not know it, his parents and youngest sister have been killed by German terror attacks in the city. Vladimir was drafted into a people's militia division in late August of 1941 and sent to the front, where he survived (barely) the battles at the approaches to Leningrad, and is currently trying to survive as a partisan behind the front of the German 18th Army. Ruslana is serving in the Soviet Southern Front in the Ukraine.

Gennady, along with his family, are avowed communists, and staunch members of the party - his parents came to age in the heady days of the Revolution in Leningrad, and considered themselves good proletariat bolshevik Soviets and followers of the Leningrad party apparatus. The civil war mainly passed the family by; Vasily took part in the initial Bolshevik uprising in and around St. Petersburg and was wounded, but as a skilled machinist did not fight in the remainder of the civil war. Luckily, noone in the extended family has come to the attention of the NKVD or become a victim of party infighting - they are politically clean. Their opinion of Stalin is publicly supportive (of course), but they are unsettled by the purges, which hit leaders of the Leningrad party hard in the early thirties. As good Marxists they are not supportive of the church, although Gennady, having gone through the BPO training, is starting to wonder whether the church would be useful against the supernatural weapons of the Germans.

Gennady's most important relative is his uncle, Maxim Ivanovich Stepanoff, 51, who is an up and coming apparatchik in the Leningrad party, and a protege of Andrei Zhdanov, the Leningrad Party leader. He has been tasked with helping organize supplies and rations in Leningrad, and is showing some success there. It is possible that his success here may lead to elevation in the party, perhaps even to the Central Committee. He had a son whom he was grooming for party life, but he was killed in the border battles on the Baltic Front. Gennady is his sole remaining younger male relative.

Gennady joined the Army in 1940, and was quickly noticed for his combination of intelligence and spirit, as well as for his allegiance to the party. Assigned to command a company in the 85th Rifle Division of the 3rd Army, he distinguished himself by resisting the German advance and then organizing and leading partisan movements while trying to return to Soviet lines following encirclement. His ability and exposure to German supernatural weapons led to his being selected for the BPO.

He has several Red Army connections. Polknovik Pyotr Ordkinodzhe is the BPO Operations Officer for the Western Front, he personally recruited Stepanoff and most of his agents. Major Josef Valentin is the coordinator of partisan operations for the Western Front. Kapitan Andrei Raspotoff is the current leader of the Western Front's 17th Partisan Brigade, operating behind German lines, and worked with Gennady on several occasions. Gennady is also somewhat of a protege of Sergey Kalinikov, currently the Political member of the 20th Army staff.

Gennady is motivated both by his support for the party, which is unwavering, and by his loathing of the Germans, who he considers tainted by their use of supernatural terror. He believes that the invasion by Germany has been orchestrated by supernatural powers, and that the fate of the Russian people is to be slaves, or food, or worse. He will therefore fight without mercy against supernatural foes and those that fight with them, although he will admit that there are Germans who are just fighting because they are told to, and who just want to get through the war; to these he will grant quarter if the opportunity arises. Gennady had planned to follow in his father's footsteps and work for the good of the people, but now he is focused on defeating the Germans and their supernatural overlords. He does realize, however, that the BPO offers a path to status within the army or party after the war is finished.

His recent string of successes, driving off a powerful vampire among them, has led Gennady to become Overconfident (major hindrance). However, realizing that his supernatural enemies are pretty tough, he has been leading his men in calisthenics, and has thus become more vigourous (Vigour to d8). He is looking forward to hunting down the vampire that has been plaguing this sector of the front line, and believes that they will be able to defeat it if they can find it's daytime lair. There are probably some Germans to wade through first, but with a good plan and the application of good communist principles, they will not be a problem...

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