Sunday, January 16, 2011

Francois' Journal Entry

2nd of April 1922 9 o’clock p.m.

Today has been the most interesting of days. It was just this morning I received a telegram from the Baron and the Professor, asking me to come to London for a break and enter. Quite insulting actually, implying that I might actually have to break something. Of course I accepted the request, I quite enjoy new experiences and I had never tested the locks on a London townhouse.

I arrived in London and I was informed of the quite disturbing details of my summoning. It was about one Mr. Edmunston I think, I’m not quite sure. You see, the lock on the Baron’s dresser was an exquisitely made combination lock, it was not only beautiful but it looked like it would take at least four minutes to solve. I always do love those 1892 combination locks but I didn’t even get to ask what it was guarding before I was swept off to look around the loony Mr. Briggs’ previous residence.

When we arrived we asked around about the ownership of the house. One neighbour in particular was helpful after answering the door (1867 mortise lock, an ancient thing) she told us that Mr. Briggs had sold his house, and that she hadn’t yet met the new neighbour, he hadn’t replied to her invitations to tea. We then went and knocked on the door of Briggs’ home. There was no answer so I asked if I could try to open the door. The lock was another Mortise lock just like the neighbour’s, given it was newer, so it would have been easy to open. But, it was decided that I shouldn’t and that we should go around back. We did and I got to try that door, easily opened in 1 minute and 13 seconds to be exact. I think that is my record for an 1879 pin tumbler.

Once we were in we searched the house, what we found in the basement was quite disturbing, there were most foul symbols and drawings everywhere. Professor Wraight said it was a Demonological temple, and we all believed her. Then the Bobbies arrived at the front, so we took our leave out the rear. There was a lone cop back there but the Baron gave him what for. It was hard to keep a straight face while seeing the look on the constables.

Tomorrow the Baron, Mr. Wiez and I plan to warn the other possible targets of the infamous Briggs of their danger. This will hopefully prevent anyone more from being harmed. I admire both the Baron and the Professor in their crusade and I hope to be as much help as I can in stopping these evil people and their horrific actions.

Francois Serrurier

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