Saturday, January 15, 2011

From the Diary of Jochim v Furchtberg

We have been playing "Death in the Post" from Green and Pleasant Land (using Realms of Cthulhu, of course). The following is a diary entry by Jochim v Furchtberg (written by Christian).

4 April 1922, 2300 hrs.

It is clear that the monster which the accursed Dr Briggs has summoned is yet another THING from Beyond the Veil. I have counseled my compatriots who have found another parchment in Harrowgate that the monster will likely not attack this night, but I believe that it will the next. The postmark came from Chester. I will travel there in the morning, and hope to somehow catch Briggs and his henchman Phelps before they summon the Horror. The Russian, Trotsky, wishes the rest of us to join them in helping fend off the monster, but I believe that so long as Herr Doktor Winterton is kept under bright light that the beast will not attack. Fraulein Doktor Professor Wraight believes that only daylight will dissuade the beast, but I feel that she must be wrong in this. As well, I do not believe that our newer companions, the Frenchman and the Hungarian magician, will be able to stand the mental strain of seeing the beast. I hope that I am right in my decision, but the Horror is only the symptom. It is Briggs who is the disease.

Instead, I will take another step in fulfilling my vow. Briggs must be destroyed. If I am able to kill him, then warning Lord Elwood, Herr Professor Masters in Oxford, and Dr Collinbury in Petersfield will be academic. I will then be able to purchase the papyri and destroy them quite easily. Should I fail to find Briggs, then the others must be warned and protected. We must find out what will happen to the Horror if we are able to drive it off. What will it do if it fails in its mission?

Alexei has told us of the Elder Sign. I am torn as to whether we should learn more of it. Is it effective against the hell spawn? By using it, do we tar ourselves with the same brush as those I am sworn to eradicate? Or is it acceptable to use the weapons of the enemy, so long as the overall aim is maintained?

Perhaps I need to spend more time reading the horrible books that we have collected. The accursed work of v. Junzt scared me badly, and my dreams remain... troubling. I have seen THE BLACK MAN in them again, standing silently amidst shadowy figures and that hellish piping noise. I fear that in my dreams he will speak, and if he does I will surely go mad. But perhaps some of the works that we possess have been written by persons sharing the same views as I do, and who have weapons that can drive back the darkness.

I do not trust our new companions, but especially the Hungarian "magician" and the Frenchman, and have decided to keep them both where I can keep an eye on them. They share a naivety which when mixed with their desire to know more is dangerous. The Frenchman's eagerness after seeing some of the... things in THE LOCKED BOOK was unwholesome. As for the Hungarian, he has already stated his desire to find out "new tricks" for his so called "magic show". He must not be allowed to read any of the books. If his curiosity and desire for knowledge continues after he SEES ONE OF THE THINGS, I fear he may well find himself among the hunted. I feel somewhat better about the Russian, but I will keep an eye on him as well. He is out for himself, but I think he realises the threat posed by THAT FROM THE OTHER SIDE, and those who serve them, is real.

Tomorrow I will kill Briggs and his henchman. They will suffer for their crimes, and for their betrayal of humanity.

v. Furchtberg

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