Sunday, June 19, 2011

Gladiators Week One and Two

This was the first (real world) week of our Gladiator campaign. It says “Week One and Two” because the games went quicly and we wanted to play on so we played a second week of the campaign.

Week One

Game One – Executing Condemned Criminals

Publius Gnaeus Mediocritus
Servious Pompeius

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The Gladiators close in on the condemned men.

At this point they condemned men went on hold and awaited the approaching gladiators…

Servious Pompeius was the first to charge in and the condemned interrupted – their only success in the whole bout(!) – They surrounded him and started flailing wildly at him…

…it looked potentially bad because help was still a move away… For all their faliling, thought, the convicts were unable to land a blow. Pompeius knocked one on his ass and turned to the others.

Sura was the next in and took one down with a single, mighty blow.

The next round Mediocritus charged in and knocked down another. Before Necrophilius could get there (toiling under the load of his armour…), Servious Pompeius, had dispatched the remaining condemned man and that was the end of the game…

Game Two – The Lion

Pheidippides Argupoulos

Pheidippides Argupoulos, being “arrogant” thought killing condemned men beneath him and sought something a little more challenging.

Niiiiice kitty….

I threw him in the arena with a lion. I was looking at the lion and thinking; “Wow, they look pretty bad ass…” so I left it a common “extra” lion and charged in.

Parry 10 is pretty tough to beat. Fighting d12 and Strength d10 isn’t anything to sniff at either… The lion got the first attack – pouncing (+4 attack, +4 damage, improved frenzy) and failed to hit… Argupoulos cleaved the poor kitty’s head in two with one blow.

Maybe I need to make lions a bit tougher…

So experience gathered, no wounds taken… we dicided to carry on with the “second week” of our campaign…

Week Two

Game One – Three on Two

Team One Gladiators:
Publius Gnaeus Mediocritus
Pheidippides Argupoulos

Team Two Gladiators:
Servious Pompeius

Quickly the teams paired off…

Sura fought Publius Gnaeus Mediocritus.

Pheidippides Argupoulos took on both Necrophilius and Servious Pompeius because he is awesome, at least in his own mind.

There was a bit of trash talking – trying to taunt or intimidate… but after a few unsuccessful tries everyone more or less resorted to bashing on each other. Eventually that gave way to Wild Attacks… slowly whittling away each others bennies.

At one point Argupoulos was shaken… things looked bad as he was unable to recover right away.

Finally Sura landed a telling blow – Mediocritus suffered THREE wounds and decided to take a dive.

The crowd took pity on the downed gladiator who had fought so gallantly and called for him to be spared….

Sura rushed to her team mates aid – but for her troubles she got a bash in the face as Argupoulos turned to see who was harmlessly banging on his helmet from behind.

A turn or two later Argupoulos ran out of awesomeness (or luck… or whatever…) and the three took him down. Not a crowd favourite he was shown no mercy and was dispatched to the roar of thunderous applause!

Rick showed up late part way through this game so I threw him against a lion as well.

Game Two – The Lion


Still thinking the lions a little too “bad ass” I decided to not make him a full wildcard (with 3 wounds and all) but gave him a wild die.

The lion bounding towards Crixus

The lion’s first attack… seriously!? I bennied that… and may have scratched Cixus for one wound.

Crixus recoiled for a moment but gathered his wits and recovered! With apair of telling blows the lion was beat down…

Next time… Lions will be full wildcards…

Round Up

So… Pheidippides Argupoulos is dead, Publius Gnaeus Mediocritus is suffering three wounds and has damaged armour and no money to repair it, Crixus and Sura each took a single wound, and Servious Pompeius managed to eek out 5 experience points and leveld up with Two-Fisted!

We will definitely see a couple new gladiators next week as Patrick will be fielding a replacement and Chrisitan will have to leave Publius Gnaeus Mediocritus in the hospital for at least a few weeks. Will Rick and Amanda fight on with their wounded gladiators? Will Oezalces Fuscina make an appearance? Find out next week!!


Bard said...

This was really a fun read -- great report!

Илья said...

Where can I learn more about the game?

tim said...

Savage Worlds? You can download a "test drive" pdf version of the rules from the Publishers website right here:

Savage Worlds Test Drive pdf

You can find more stuff at