Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gladiators - Week Three and Four

We blasted through two more weeks of out Galdiator Campaign this past (Savage) Saturday!

Week Three

Publius Gnaeus Mediocritus did not recover any of his wounds… on the plus side, he didn’t succumb to his wounds… so it’s not all bad.

and Sura both recovered from their minor wounds…

Game One

Servious Pompeius and... um... Tiberius...? (Jackson’s first character… unfortunately he died in this game and Jackson erased and reused his card before I got the stats… so… no stats for Tiberius…)


Crixus and Beauteus Maximus.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Servius and Tiberius (left) approach Crixus and Beauteus (right)

Ummmmm… it’s been a long night… someone got a joker here… and Beauteus got ganged up on and wounded…

Here we go – Beauteus and Servius more or less paired off (with no helmets) and Crixus and Tiberius Paired off (with helmets)

Beauteus took down Servius – it was early in the evening and the crowd wanted blood and Servius was not sparred…

Beauteus joined in the melee between Crixus and Tiberius.

Tiberius managed to take down Crixus – delivering him a killing blow before waiting for the crowds response (as bloodthirsty characters do..)

Tiberius, however, was, in turn, taken down by Beauteus. Despite his bloodthirsty reputation, the crowd called for mercy. It was all for naught as Tiberius expired from his grievous injuries…

Game Two

Sura and Sabrina


Lucius and Varro

The Bout started off with some smack talk – attempts at intimidation – as the combatants closed on each other…

Sabrina managed to intimidate Varro and rushed in to take advantage.

Her impetousness cost her as Lucious joined his partner and they laid a sever beating on her.

In two hits Sabrina was on the ground. The crowd called for mercy and she was left to bleed out

Varro and Lucious rushed Sura and dealt her a serious blow – she took a dive and was also sparred…

Week Four

Publius Gnaeus Mediocritus recovered not one, but TWO of his wounds!? Things are lookingup for Publius indeed!

Sura remained in pretty critical condition (but not dead yet!!), but Sabrina was looking a little better… (recovering one wound)

Game One


Lucious wanted a bit more of a challenge so he fought a Lion, solo… As the lions weren’t enough of a challenge this one was a full wildcard (though with only two bennies…). The game did last a bit longer… with Lucious the ultimate victor.

Game Two

Sonja, Monotonous, and Gorgeus


Beauteus Maximus, Varro, and Marcus

Again the game started with a bunch of smack talk – but with success like we’ve never seen - it actually got a little confusing for a moment; who had successfully intimidated whom…?!

Gorgeus was actually shaken he was so intimidated… of course, it didn’t help that he was standing next to Sonja (-2 phobia: Women…).

This game was a bit more dynamic with some considerable maneuvering and dancing about…

Sonja ended up battling Varro, Gorgeus fought Marcus and Beauteus clashed with Monotonous.

At one point Monotonous danced away from his melee with Beauteus, to join Sonja battling Varro. Beauteus took the opportunity to engage Sonja – which proved a bad move. She turned and dealt him a serious blow.

Now the Maximus brothers are pretty lads and favourites of the crowd (Very Attractive, +4 charisma) so Beauteus considered taking a dive… then saw the devilish gleem in sonja’s eyes and knew she would show him no mercy – even if the crowd demanded it… He fought on, but not for long

Monotonous deeked out his melee with Varro just in time to join Sonja as she dealt a killing blow to Beauteus.

Varro made a dash to aid Marcus in his battle with Gorgeus – hoping to take him down and level the field a bit…

Monotonous and Sonja dashed over and joined the fray!

Varro went down and was dispatched by Sonja.

Marcus fought on valiantly – against THREE – but was eventually overcome…

Round Up

Well… life is short and brutal for a Gladiator… Servious Pompeius, who came out of the last weeks games with a level-up was pushing up daisies after his first game this week. Sura is now the top survivor – with 5 experience points and having played in three weeks of games – but is now suffering from critical injuries and showing no sign of recovering any time soon.

What will next week bring…? Rumor has it Christian has bought a pair of Pictish fanatics to join his Ludus. Amanda has a retiarius she’s training up for next week. When with John’s Blue Ludus make their appearance..?

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