Sunday, September 25, 2011

DragonLance Double-Header

I ran TWO, separate Savage Worlds/Dragon Lance games today, for two separate groups…

The first was for the kids. The whole point of picking up all the old DragonLance stuff was to run a campaign for the kids. I’ve been promising I’d run if for them for weeks and we finally sat down and played through the first encounter.

Keira was playing a feminized version of Tasslehoff Burrfoot, and Finnegan played Flint Fireforge and Tanis Halfelven.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The kids were pretty darn excited!

Unlike the game I’m playing with the Saturday Night Savages, the kids are playing pre-generated characters I’ve come up with based on the original characters in the adventures/novels/etc.

In the first encounter Tanis, Flint, and Tasslehoff are returning to Solace after a five year absence. They are ambushed by Fewmaster Toade, and his Hobgoblins, looking foe the “Blue Crystal Staff”

Tasslhoff, Tanis and Flint surrounded by hostile hobgoblins.

Two of the hobgoblins rushed Flint and Tanis. One landed a telling blow on Tanis! Luckily Tanis soaked three of the four wounds!! (Would have made for a short campaign if the leader was beat down by a hobgoblin on the first encounter of the first adventure!?)

Tasslehoff scarpered for the woods where she shot one of the hobgoblins and took him out of the fight. The remaining Hobgoblin gave chase, swinging wildly at the small kinder. Tass drew her sword and beat down her assailant!

Tanis just couldn’t wound a hobgoblin to save his life…. After the Kender had taken out two on her own the remaining hobgoblins attempted to flee. Flint finally knocked down a hobgoblin as it turned to flee.

And that was pretty much it for their first game… Everyone was pretty stoked and I’m sure will be constantly haranguing me for game #2!


Shortly after finishing up with the kids the regular Saturday Savages showed up for game three of our campaign. I have to say I was actually totally prepared for the adventure – ready for almost any eventuality – the encounter with the “clerics” on the road to Haven… plus all the potential encounters on the long road to Haven… encounters within Haven and the audience with the Highseekers… The Elves… The River… and they circumvented all that by actually spotting the damn white stag and following it through Prayer’s Eye Peak into Darken Wood where they had their brief chat with the Forest master and jumped on the Pegasi to fly off to Que-Shu. They had aquick look around the burning village and pressed on up the Sageway towards Xak Tsaroth… and that’s where we ended the adventure (a littler earlier than normal - because I totally wasn’t prepared to be running the Xak Tsaroth portion of the adventure!!).

NO pictures because there weren’t really even any tabletop encounters!?

Rick’s sent me his character background which I should get posted shortly… the others should have theirs in within the week (or NO BENNIES next week!!)


Viscount Eric said...

Fantastic! I love the dice reference sheets!

tim said...


I got the idea for the dice-maps from someone on some forum that said they used something similar when they ran games at conventions - to help people new to the game keep track of which dice were which! It really is a clever idea - but I can take no credit for it...

Bruce G. Anderson said...

That's one tough Kender!

Lawrence Cohen said...

Do you happen to live near NJ? I'm trying to get a Dragonlance campaign started, for ADULTS, but only have two guys...Mike's playing a kender, Skip's playing a red robe mage, and I as DM may have to double as a elven knight.

Seriously, I need to find a sculptor to make some kender minis. Reaper turned me down, they have their noses in the air, and they're afraid of copyrights, even though WoTC has all but abandoned Krynn! Know of any good scuptors?

tim said...

Nowhere near Jersey, sadly...

I just used hobbit/halfling figures for the Kenders. If one wanted something a little closer you could just shave off any foot hair and greenstuff over the toes to make it look more like they're wearing boots...?