Sunday, September 18, 2011

Savage Dragonlance

This all started because I was wanting to start a campaign for the kids… I thought they’d both dig a fantasy campaign… and I wanted a CAMPAIGN; an epic adventure of good versus evil sort of thing – not just a bunch of unrelated dungeon bashes… Immediately I thought of the Dragonlance Saga – which also has a great volume of novel tie-ins that I could probably get the boy reading.

Now I’ve read complaints that the campaign is a bit of a railroad; you just go from one event/encounter, doing what you need to do or finding what you need to find, then moving on to the next without a whole lot of choice in the matter. Frankly, a clearly laid out plot… that’s okay with me. The kids, I’ll point out are five and seven…

Anyway, I haven’t started playing with the kids yet – I’ll get back to that in a bit. I figured though, if I was doing all that work to prepare a campaign for the kids, why not run the same campaign for the Saturday (night) Savages!?

And so we’re beginning a new Fantasy/Savaged/Dragonlance campaign…

With the kids I think I’ll just make pre-generated characters based on the original characters. But for the Saturday evening campaign I’ve had the players make up their own and am running it as a sort of “What if ANOTHER group of heroic adventurers ran into Goldmoon and Riverwind before the characters of the novels ran into them?”

We started last week with four of the players making characters. Amanda is playing a human wizard, Patrick a Kender that is so buff and surly he might as well be a dwarf, Dave is an elf, and Christian is a Knight of Solamnia. (hopefully the players will all provide some background for their characrters – which I will post separately as they are submitted)

We then played a brief encounter along the road into Solace. The heroes were returning from some travel abroad and ran into some hobgoblins lead by Fewmaster Toede, who were looking for a blue crystal staff. Toede split, his goblins slain and the heroes carried on their merry way into Solace.

Sucks when you get a raise on a hit only to roll junk like this….

The next week (last night) Two more players who couldn’t make it the previous week made their characters; Rick made a Dwarven wanderer and Curtis made a priest (lacking divine magic because he worships the “false gods”).

Afterwards I muddled my way through them meeting at the inn of the last home (I’ve been reading the novel and the adventure module over the last couple weeks and things go down a little different in both so I got a bit confused between the two – but it all turned out good – the heros met Goldmoon and Riverwind.

A brief and confused brawl at the Inn of the Last Home

The Heros escaped from the Inn, and then ellusded some hobgoblins and made their way out of Solace!

We wrapped up the evening with one final skirmish as they discovered a a small party of hobgoblins guarding the bridge over the Solace Stream on road to Haven (where they have decided to accompany Goldmoon and Riverwind and seek the advice of the High Seekers)

The hobgoblins were dealt with in a swift and savage fashion – before finishing them off they interrogated one and discovered they, too, were looking for the blue crystal staff.

Hopefully this week I’ll get those characters generated and get the kids started on their own campaign…

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