Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Ruins of Kundurq

For a few weeks now we’ve had to cancel our Savage Saturday Session for one reason or another (and the Friday kids game too…). This week I was able to run something and Rick, Dave, Patrick and Curtis were able to make it out… unfortunately I didn’t have the next adventure ready for our Dragonlance Campaign, so I quickly throw out a scenario for our Weird War Two East Front Campaign…

 Kundurq, Afghanistan, November 1942


 Our heroes have been pulled from the Stalingrad front to attend to a more pressing problem. The BPO has learned that the infamous Nazi Orientalist Occultist Colonel Dr. Dietrich Von Ravenhoff is leading an expedition to a remote ruin of Kundurq in Afghanistan. What the colonel Doctor is looking for is anybody’s guess – but it likely has something to do with nazi occult research and must be stopped! 


Soviet Forces
Serzhant Boris Trotsky – Team Leader
Efreytor Androv Virgilovski – Second in Commmand
Rayadovoy Ioseph Dizaleski - BPO Sniper
Rayadovoy Jorgi Markov – BPO Scout
6x Soviet Riflemen

German Forces

Colonel Dr. Dietrich Von Ravenhoff
Heidi Von Ravenhoff
Obergefrieter Johann Meuller
16x German Riflemen (two squads of two teams; MG team and Rifle team)


 (Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

First Greamn Squad approaches the ruins of Kundurq

The Soviet BPO team approaches from the other side… The opposing sides spotted each other from atop hills on opposing sides of the valley – so it was just a race to see who could get to the prize first. Or so the Germans though – for once overestimating the Russians and assuming they knew what the Germans were there for.

The Germans reach the edge of the ruin.

Serzhant Trotsky leading his troops from the front (for once).

Inside the ruins – a German is shot while dashing from one bit of cover to a doorway.

As the firing starts the second German squad picks up the pace to find a defendable position!

From a position in cover Serzhant Trotsky sends his fodder…er… troops… forward.

Dizaleski and Markov sneaking around the backside of the compound.

Obergefrieter Johann Meuller shoots up Trotsky’s Squad as they make a dash into the compound.

The German second squad exchanged fire with Serzhant Trotsky – Trotsky was obliged to abandon this position as it was rather exposed, and made for the compund with the rest of his troops.

Part of the first German squad made it up onto a roof and shot down on the exposed BPO tean in the street below.

The soviets took another casualty and scampered for cover.

Rayadovoy Ioseph Dizaleski - BPO Sniper – finds himself a nice position in a doorway and starts taking down Germans….

The Russians, having taken cover in a crumbled building, exchange fire with the Germans on the rooftop.

Having more or less suppressed the Germans on the rooftop, Trotsky’s squad moved out into the street – they gave the Sarge the all clear and he ran for on of the compounds gates – taking shots from some not-so-cleared-out-and-on-hold Germans around the corner – he shrugged off the bullets, made it into the compound, and shot up the remaining German in the courtyard.

The Germans on the rooftop taking worse than they are dishing out!?

Serzhant Trotsky pushed into the building and located Colonel Dr. Dietrich Von Ravenhoff who was apparently searching for something… Trotsky fired one last burst… and then ran out of ammo!?

POW! Dizaleski takes down Obergefrieter Johann Meuller.

 The neat thing about the high-walled tight compound in the middle of the table was it was sometimes hard to keep track of where everyone was… and sometimes people forgot where people were – much like I imagine a close-quarter firefight in a labarynthine compound would be like. (I sometimes forgot where my OWN guys were – as I was having to take care of so many…?) And so sometime did silly things like run for a doorway – only to discover that there was a occupied by someone they’d forgotten about…

… like when Heidi Von Ravenhoff stormed into the courtyard of this compound only to discover the Soviet BPO squad was lingering there…

 They shot her up pretty good…

Serzhant Trotsky overcame Colonel Dr. Von Ravenhoff – with the help of the rest of his squad who stormed in after shooting the colonel’s daughter…

The colonel and his severely injured daughter were captured.

Of the rest of the Germans; three were killed in action or died of wounds shortly thereafter. Three others (including Obergefrieter Johann Meuller) were serverely wounded and captured. Four others were also captured – two of whom were lightly injured. The remaining seven managed to get away (two of whom were lightly injured). Four were captured and killed by Afghan tribesmen, the other three were never heard from again and presumed to have died of starvation and exposure out in the desert somewhere…

The Soviets suffered only two casualties – however both were severely injured and will be out of the line for some time.

Coming Soon to Savage Timmy’s Playhouse:

Hopefully at SOME point we’ll get back to some Dragonlance action… I think I may have missed some updates… but both campaigns have sort of stalled for the moment.


Sgt Trotsky said...

Though all of the squad survived this time, I have a feeling that a certain rifleman who was overly quick in shouting "all clear" might soon accidentally shoot himself in the back of the head.

Ioseph Disaleski said...

I'd like to welcome the new recruit to the squad. He held up alright in this assignment but I should warn him, he hasn't seen anything yet.

tim said...

Actually... they only assign people to the BPO who have experienced the supernatural in some way... so he HAS seen SOMETHING... as some point... But we'll let Curtis figure that out when he writes a character background.

Anonymous said...


I am back in the BPO. It vas gud to take “leave of absence”, but still too many verevolves in the voods. My Mosin-Nagant still shoot gud – I take down many Germans from cover of ruins. My great grandfather Virgil vould be very proud.