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Operation Uranus

Back at it – I thought I’d run some Savage Worlds Skirmishy games over the summer. I’m sure the East Front campaign will pop up now and again…

North West of Stalingrad, 19 November 1942


BPO Psykiks have detected the presence of strong supernatural energies to the North West of Staligrad behind the Italian lines. A diversionary attack has been arranged early in the day to the east so resistance should be minimal. The Team had the option of going during daylight or waiting until night. They chose to go during daylight hours and scary things always happen at NIGHT! So the small BPO team basically executed a frontal assault on dug in Italians…


Soviet Forces

Leytnant Lennady Stepanoff (Christian)  - Platoon Commander
5x Soviet Scouts

Serzhant Boris Trotsky (Dave) – Second in Commmand
8x Soviet Riflemen

Efreytor Androv Virgilovski (Rick) – BPO Rifleman (part of Trotsky’s Squad)

Rayadovoy Ioseph Dizaleski  (Patrick) - BPO Sniper

Axis Forces

Cpl. Spagetti
9x Italian Bersaglieri Riflemen
10x Veteran SS Troopers
(plus others that weren’t encountered)

 (Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Things could have (SHOULD have) gone very, very badly for our heroes – advancing in the open, in broad daylight, against an entrenched enemy…

A clever combination of extremely lucky shots aided and abetted by a number of Jokers (Trotsky’s squad got TWO in the first four turns or so!?)

They were effectively able neutralize opposition at their end of the trenchline by severly wounding the caporal (with a submachinegun, rocknroll, and a shooting of d8 – which in concert couldhave messed them up!) and the MG team (which also could have messed them up!)

Ths others also got some extremely lucky shots in – taking out Italians in the trenches while shooting at them on the run!? (had to use german casualty figures as I don’t have any dead/wounded Italians…)

The Scout section wasn’t so lucky…

They were shot up pretty good… but the wildcard characters were able to make it to the trench relatively unscathed… (though short a few bennies!)

Trotsky’s DP gunner continued to fire while his loader was shaken and rolled three ones – jamming the gun! They weren’t able to unjam it for a number of turns…

The Soviet BPO team made it to the Italins trenchline and the few remaining Italians surrendered – it was at that point that they started taking fire from the woods beyond!

Unfortunately it was at that point that I stopped taking pictures apparently….

Anyway, there was a veteran squad of SS troopers there that covered the escape of… well.. whatever dark and mysterious evil was lurking  within the woods… MWA-HA-HA-Ha-Ha-ha-ha-haaaaaa….  

Stepanoff’s Scout team suffered four (of five!) casualties, one was killed in action, the other three were lightly wounded and will return to play after missing one game. Trotsky’s squad suffered two casualties – one seriously wounded, the other lightly wounded. The seriously wounded rifleman will join the two previously seriously wounded riflemen – who remained in grave condition and will miss further games…

Cpl. Spagetti was seriously wounded when he surrendered, two others of his squad surrendered. Of the rest four were killed in action, two suffered serious wounds, and one was only lightly wounded. The Italian POWs were unable to tell the BPO anything about what was going on in the woods. They said the SS didn’t allow them anywhere near it – they’d even shot one of their squad mates who’d wandered over to the edge of the woods to piss a couple days earlier.

Three of the SS were killed in action, three were seriously wounded and in no condition to talk so they were summarily executed. Whowever else had been there had packed up quickly and scarpered. All that remained in the woods was an alter of some sort. The BPO team thought that looked like some sort of sacrificial alter, but there was no trace of blood or any other indication that it had been used as such…

Risk was pretty excited as this was the first character he ever had that made it to Veteran.

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