Sunday, July 22, 2012

At Your Door

The Saturday Savages started At Your Door this week. Curtis and Jackson actually showed up this week and made characters (Sheriff Carter Jones and Dr. William Blake, respectively). 


If ever you think you might play this adventure, read no further! 

The game started Friday, 13 July 2012, with Lord Stang receiving an e-mail from Robert Jatik of Full Wilderness (an environmental organization dedicated to the maintenance and expansion of protected wilderness reserves) who claimed to have an unusual and sensitive situation requiring his particular skills… so, over the weekend, Stang and his most trusted advisors (Joey Roberts, Leonard Tipple, and Dr. Blake) flew to Samson California. Before leaving however, Stang made a call to Sheriff Jones, to let him know they would be in the country and if he could help out they could pay him handsomely.

On Monday morning (16 July 2012) they met with Jatik who explained that he had reason to believe a company his organization funds research at was actually using their money to conduct illegal and potentially very dangerous genetic research (not what they were hired to do!). His evidence turned out to be some sort of strange, almost alien creature with many mouth-like orifices and tentacles…

Unfortunately the researcher that provided them with the specimen has also disappeared…

The first task, however, Jatik required of them was to escort the specimen to another laboratory to determine what exactly it was that they HAD!?

Along the way they were ambushed. Two truck and two motorcycles cut them off and a dozen, heavily armed men jumped out and demanded that they open up the back of the truck containing the specimen.

When Lord Stang made a move to go for cover and pull out his pistol the man covering him shot – everyone else went for their guns and an extremely short, extremely violent gun-battle broke out on a downtown street of Samson, California. Six of the attackers were wounded in the battle, and miraculously NONE of the players characters… Dr. Blake shot three of them himself!?

With half their number down the remaining baddies skedaddled.

The players' characters spent the rest of the afternoon answering questions for the police – who seemed more than a little suspicious… Their weapons were seized and they were told not to leave town… They were eventually able to deliver the specimen to the lab… and that’s pretty much where we left off.

Unfortunately we won’t likely be playing again for a couple weeks… 

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