Monday, September 17, 2012

At Your Door - Session 3

Just about everyone was actually in attendance this evening…. Rick (Lord Stang), Patrick (Joey Roberts), Dave (Leonard Tipple), Amanda (Dr. Sarah Berenstain), and Curtis (Sheriff Carter Jones) were all at the table - only Jackson (Dr. William Blake) was absent.

WARNING: SPOILERS CONTAINED WITHIN - If ever you think you might play the Cthulhu Now adventure At Your Door , read no further! 

Noon, Wednesday,  18 July 2012

Picking up from our previous session, the investigators met at the Hotel Crocker for lunch. Joey Roberts and Leonard Tipple had spent the morning sleeping in after having spent most of the previous day in the bathroom after eating some bad burritos on Monday (Dave and Patrick missed last session).

After lunch they headed back to Peter Tait’s house (the missing microbiologist from Dawn Biozyme that had supplied Full Wilderness with the “specimen” that started this whole invstigation). Leonard Tipple spent the next twelve hourse or so hacking into Tait’s home computer – which turned up a whole lot of not much - other than extenseive contact lists of friends and co-workers and a name and address for a phone number they had found printed on a piece of paper they’d found in Tait’s car.

They tried phoning the number that belonged to a Harold Gall, at 2AM – they’d tried a number of times during the day with no answer. A rather abrasive and rude individual answered and, after a very brief conversation, hung up. Wanting to know a bit more from Mr. Gall they headed to the address.

Mr. Gall turned out to be a thoroughly foul individual, but the investigators managed to talk their way in and attempt to get some information from Gall. They discovered that he had previously owned the farm that Tait had recently purchased, that Gall had also worked for Dawn Biozyme, and that, according to Gall, Tait had been taken by the Sewer People? Gall apparently was working on something to “deal with” the Sewer People, which he showed them. In a laboratory in the rear of his house the investigators were treated to a mass of animal parts heads and legs of all manner of critters (dogs, cats, skunks, rats, etc, etc…) all roughly sewn together – that Gall seemed to be under the impression that he’d be able to animate and send into the sewers to deal with the Sewer People!?

 The following day (Thursday, 19 July 2012), after sleeping in a bit they Investigators made their way out to Tait’s farm after picking up all the items on his “list of things to take to farm” that they had also discovered among the personal affects left in his car. They stopped in the nearby town of Delilah and talked to the locals about Tait and Gall and the farm.

At the farm The found evidence of someone leaving in a big hurry torn up bits of the yard and skid marks on the road and the gate blown off the hinges from within. The chicken coop seems to have recently been destroyed, but otherwise there was no immediate sign of anything untoward in the farmyard itself. In the field, however, they discovered a great many red plants growing out of the carcasses of many critters scattered about the fields. There was also a greenhouse that was absoloutly crammed with plants exhibiting some bizarre and unnatural grown.

Sheriff Jones was positive that one had moved for him and filled it full of lead. He was quite convinced that the plants on the farm were the unnatural byproducts of aliens fornicating with plants and advocated that the whole place be burnt to the ground! (I say we get us 10 canisters of Round Up, roll them in there and defoliate the whole Effing mess…” or something like that…)

Dr. Berenstain, however, insisted that none of the “evidence” be disturbed. She was convinced that Jatik at Full Wilderness would want to know about this place and have a chance to study it… “Clearly this is an important species we’re dealing with and I don’t think you or I or anyone has the right to arbitrarily exterminate it…” (or… something like that…)

I believe Sheriff Jones may have muttered something about taking off and nuking the site from orbit…

They decided that Tait wasn’t here and things best be left alone and turned over to Full Wilderness or the police or someone other than themselves and it was time to go… It was getting dark… Bad things happen in the dark…

Just as they were pulling out of the yard, however, a couple of them noticed a reddish tinge to the scarecrow off in the field… could it be the light of the setting sun…? or was it more of those damned plants!? No one wanted to get out of the vehicles so they droved the rented Hummer over the field to the scarecrow which they discovered to be a teenage boy, held to the crosspiece by more of those unnatural red vined growing out from his ribcage, eyesockets, mouth, ears, etc… They took pictures and sped out of there as fast a s they could!

As there was no cell phone coverage in the valley they drove all the way to Delilah and called 9-1-1. The County Sheriffs office and State Police were notified and on there way. While awaiting their arrival to show them the farm, the investigators asked around town if there were any missing children and discovered one of the local farmers sons had run away a few months back.

And that’s where we left it for the week – awaiting the arrival of the authorities….


Leonard "Tips" Tipple said...

I beg to differ on the "whole lot of not much" found on Tait's computer. I also happened to get all the contacts for the actresses who helped Tait with his little movies.

And, after having a splash of stomach flu for a couple days, I must add that with Gaul's Animal Parts Thing, the meat-eating plants and the Sheriff's interminable smoking, it was a little hard to keep the bangers and mash on the inside.

Joey Roberts said...

(From an e-mail to Mrs. Mary Roberts)

Hi Mom,

How are you? Work is going okay, although some of the people we're meeting are involved in some very strange things. I was a little under the weather recently but I'm all better now. Hope to be home soon, and say hi to Dad.


Anonymous said...

Lord Stang:

A foul and disgusting business this has turned into. But one must forge onward - into the breech and all that. I wouldn't have protested if we'd followed the Sheriff's advice. Would've made good press too.