Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Investigation Begins…

After over a month off we’re finally back at it… sort of… As Amanda was away in Vancouver when last we played she had to make up a character (Sarah Berenstain). Rick (Lord Stang) and Curtis (Sheriff Carter Jones) were also in attendance, Dave (Leonard Tipple), Patrick Joey Roberts) and Jackson (Dr. Blake) were MIA…

WARNING: SPOILERS CONTAINED WITHIN - If ever you think you might play the Cthulhu Now adventure At Your Door , read no further! 

Picking up from where we left off… play began Tuesday morning (17 July 2012) when Lord Stang and Sheriff Jones received a call asking them to attend the Samson Hall of Justice and answer some questions for Detective Sergeant Joe Macklin about the previous day’s shooting. They were met by Sarah Berenstain, a Full Wilderness employee, who would be replacing Richard Slakes as their liaison. Slakes had suddenly taken a leave of absence citing extreme anxiety over the previous days shooting! Berenstain would also be taking a more active roll in assisting the investigators (being a Player Character, and all).After some considerable questioning – which were all answered straight up and truthfully  and giving the police a bit more to work, with they were allowed to leave.

Before leaving, however, they were able to talk to Detective Sergeant Jack Bolling about the missing researcher, Peter Tait. As they were very forthcoming with their own information, Det. Sgt. Bolling was willing to share some of the information he had (Note – I gave Det. Sgt. Bolling a bunch of the stuff the Tait’s brother was supposed to have – I didn’t think the police would give up evidence to a next of kin less than a week into the investigation…?! Especially if there was a chance foul play might be involved). He even allowed them to look at Tait’s car – which turned up some more evidence – Tait’s journal, which was secreted in a slit in the mat under the drivers seat. As they provided this valuable evidence to the police, Det. Sgt. Bolling allowed them to make copies and read the journal, which provided a few new leads.

In the evening Lord Stang and Co. interviewed Tait’s brother - a big-shot corporate lawyer.

In the morning they met with Det. Sgt. Bolling to view Tait’s house.  After a search of the premises we called it a night. 

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