Monday, July 12, 2010

Dueling Necros

Fall 1921, England


After things died down about the murders in London, and everyone was back at work with a new term von Höllenstadt-Fürchtberg noticed a report in the paper about a ghastly occurrence at a graveyard over the weekend; bodies had been pulled up out of the ground and pulled apart and strewn about. The article referred to the fact that it wasn’t an isolated incident – similar occurances had taken place at other graveyards around the United Kingdom over the last couple years….


Tom Cranston – labourer – (John)
Ag d8, Sm d4, Sp d6, St d10, Vg d12,
Pace 6, Parry 7, Toughness 9, , Sanity 5, Corruption 0
Skills: Fighting d10, Shooting d8, Notice d6, Stealth d8, Riding d4, Throwing d4, Knowledge ( Farmin’) d10, healing d4, Repair d4, Survival d4,
Edges: Quick, Brawny, Fast Healer, First Strike, Scrapper
Hindrances: Illiterate, Loyal, Quirk (Depressed – over the loss of his wife), Heroic
Gear: Work Clothes, Shovel (Str+d6, -1 to hit), Lee Enfield Rifle (Range: 24/48/96, ROF 1, Damage: 2d8, AP: 2)

Laurel Trebeau – Administrative assistant (Brenda)
Ag d6, Sm d12, Sp d8, St d4, Vg d8,
Pace 6, Parry 4, Toughness 6
Skills: Fighting d4, Shooting d6, Notice d8, Stealth d4, Investigation d10, Riding d4, Healing d8, Knowledge (Psychology) d8, Taunt d6, Swimming d4, Streetwise d8, Persuasion d6
Edges: Alertness, Psychotherapist
Hindrances: Quirk (wears glasses, but doesn’t really need them…), Loyal
Gear: Pistol (Range: 12/24/48, ROF 1, Damage: 2d6, AP: 1), Silver Letter Opener (Str+d4, -1 to hit),

Dr. Emma Wraight – Cultural Anthropologist and Archaeologist (Amanda)
Ag d6, Sm d10, Sp d10, St d6, Vg d8,
Pace 6, Parry 5, Toughness 6, Sanity 6, Corruption 1
Skills: Fighting d6, Shooting d6, Notice d10, Stealth d4, Knowledge: Anthropology d8, Knowledge; Archaeology d8, Investigation d8, Survival 4d, Tracking d4, Swimming d4, Healing d4, Knowledge: Mythos d4, Streetwise d8,
Edges: Scholar, Linguist, Alertness
Hindrances: Curious, Phobia (Major – Snakes)
Gear: Clothes, Anti-Snake Boots (Armour +2), Webley (Range: 12/24/48, ROF 1, Damage: 2d6, AP: 1), Knife (Str+d4),

Freiherr und Ritter Jochimm von und zu Höllenstadt-Fürchtberg – Retired German Army Officer - (Christian)
Ag d10, Sm d6, Sp d10, St d6, Vg d8,
Pace 4 (+d4), Parry 5, Toughness 6, Sanity 7, Corruption 0
Skills: Fighting d8, Shooting d10, Notice d6, Stealth d6, Intimidate d8, Persuade d8, Driving d4, Streetwise, d6, Survival d4, Stealth d4, Knowledge: Occult d6
Edges: Well Adjusted, Rich, Trademark Weapon (Luger)
Hindrances: Vow (major), Quirk (?), Vengeful, Lame
Gear: Fine Clothes, Luger (Range: 12/24/48, ROF 1, Damage: 2d6, AP: 1), Knife (Str+d4), Sword Cane(Str+d6)

Feldwebel Shultz – NPC – aide/driver for Von Höllenstadt-Fürchtberg
Ag d8, Sm d6, Sp d8, St d8, Vg d8,
Pace 6, Parry 6 (7), Toughness 6, Sanity 5, Corruption 1
Skills: Fighting d8, Shooting d8, Notice d8, Stealth d6, Intimidate d8, Throwing d6, Knowledge: Mythos d4
Edges: Command
Hindrances: Mean
Gear: Luger (Range: 12/24/48, ROF 1, Damage: 2d6, AP: 1), Knife (Str+d4),


A bit of investigating and referring to occult tomes turned up a pattern and the next occurrence seemed to be most likely to occur at the next new moon somewhere in Wales. Further investigation and scouting of the area found the most likely of sites and hints that it wasn’t simply people coming along and digging the bodies out!

While snooping through the nearby village in Wales the group met up with a Druid and laid out what they expected to happen and asked if he would help. He said he’d gather a few of the followers of the Old Way as well. Handily one of them turned out to be the town constable…

They waited in near total darkness for most of the night. One car arrived and parked. The occupant remained in the car for some time. One of the locals got nervous – not having been given clear instructions as to what they were to do and when and walked over to where von Höllenstadt-Fürchtberg and Dr. Wraight were hiding in the bushes by the entrance to the graveyard. He was spotted and the driver started up the car and drove off.

An hour or so later another car arrived. The driver parked and got out, had a look around, and got back in his car.

Another hour passed and the original car returned. The driver got out and went over to the second car and spoke with the driver. The two got walked around the graveyard- having a really good look around. Once they were sure no one else was there they went to opposite ends of the graveyard and began chanting.

Dead started rising from their graves!!

(click on the pics to see a larger version)

Tom sneaks out from his hiding place and stealthfully approaches one of the Necromancers.

Miss Trebeau and the locals leave their hiding place as well, approaching the same necromancer at the back of the graveyard.

von Höllenstadt-Fürchtberg and his manservant Otto tried to sneak up on the necromancer at the other end of the graveyard but Dr. Wraight gave up their position by running for the parked cars!

The Necormancer that Tom attacked had a few more tricks up his sleeve and zapped tom with a blast of mystical energy! Luckily Miss Trebeau and the locals were on their way!

Von Höllenstadt-Fürchtberg rushed the necromancer and tried to shoot him point blank. It was hard to see in the near total darkness and he missed!

Miss Trebaeu and the locals rushed the necromancer battling with Tom.

Von Höllenstadt-Fürchtberg and Otto were left to battle the risen dead while the necromancer tried to make his escape to his car – where Dr. Wraight lay in hiding!

The Necromancer spotted Dr. Wraight and pulled open the car door and tried to stab her. Dr. Wraight shot at the fiend with her trusty Webley revolver – grazing the fiends head, he reeled back and stumbled away from the car!

The necromancer at the far end of the graveyard made a run for it! The locals gave chase blazing away with rifles and shot guns!

Otto finally beat down the dead he was fighting – checking with his captain, Von Höllenstadt-Fürchtberg he was doing fine and to go help Dr. Wraight.

Von Höllenstadt-Fürchtberg continued desperately to fend off his undead assailants.

The locals winged the necromancer they were chasing… shotguns are handy that way.

Miss Trebeau caught up with the one that was shot before he could get into his car and Dr. Wraight and Otto apprehended the other as he tried to run off down the road.

They briefly interviewed their prisoners who proved uncooperative. They identified themselves as Aremis Gordon a crown prosecutor from Oxford and Bartholemew Ronson a London bank manager. Gordon sneered and suggested his captors had best just let them go – charges of necromancy would be laughed out of the court and then he would sue them for all they were worth for having shot him and see them locked away for the rest of their miserable days. When Mr. Cranston, of all people, pointed out the constable would not be charging them with necromancy but grave robbery and that they would have a hard time explaining what else they could have been doing in remote graveyard in Wales… they became just a tad more cooperative…

Von Höllenstadt-Fürchtberg tried to convince the constable to allow them to summarily execute them, but the constable steadfastly refused! He would not allow them to be damaged while in his custody. While he admitted that, because to their station and influence, they would likely not do any time, he would certainly pass on their contact information to Von Höllenstadt-Fürchtberg to make use of as he saw fit – as long as it was nowhere near his constabulary!

I suppose I should probably start including the stats of the baddies I use, huh...? Maybe next time...


Sitting Duck said...

Was the crown prosectuor sharing the name of the character fro The Wild, Wild West intentional or a coincidence?

tim said...

um... who?

I've never actually seen Wild, Wild West, so I guess that would be a coincidence.

Worth seeing?

I've avoided seeing western movies for some time because I know it would totally distract me and I'd end up building myself an entire western town and painting up piles of gun fighters and townsfolk and so on and so forth... I can't even watch the rest of Deadwood for fear it might derail me so. (That and I'd find myself talking about wanting to "do murder to them cocksuckers...")

Christian Knudsen said...

I'll kill that Mr Gordon... and wound that Mr Ronson!