Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gladiators Week Seven

I’ve been working on some new walls for an arena. They’re not finished yet, but you might spot them in the bacground of a few shots here… Hopefully I’ll be able to populate them with some Roman Civilian spectators (and slave girls!) at some point (hopefully before the campaign fizzles…).

There were a few new characters this week after last week’s bloodbath. Afterwards I pointed out that if any of them ever wanted to level-up – let alone make it to seasoned – they’d have to stop making bloodthirsty-mean-ugly characters and maybe start looking at Hard to Kill, Quick Healer and charisma boosting edges….

Because Arrogant wasn’t really all that bad for a major hindrance I’ve decided that Arrogant characters will not take a dive. Also I’m now allowing Loyal – which is similar – Loyal characters cannot take a dive while other teammates are still fighting.

Of course, before the battles, we checked to see if any of the injured recovered.

Publius Gnaeus Mediocritus has some sort of lingering infection and STILL showed no signs of further recovery. Hipp O’Potomus remained seriously injured while Monotonous looked a little less like he was about to die (recovering one wound – two remain). Sabrina remained pretty seriously injured, but Sura finally made a full recovery and returned to action this week.

Game One

Bloodsport – bloodthirsty versus bloothirsty


Sonja versus Orangeus Saladus.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The gladiators enter the new arena…

No smack talk – they just charge in and get to business

Pretty quick Sonja had Orangeous reeling from a telling blow.

Once off balance it didn’t take long until he was one the ground… One more bloodthirsty character bites the dust.

Game Two

Ludus Daveous vs Ludus Patrician


Darkus Daius


Trius Aurelius

Siberius tried to give his blind teammate some directions but Darkus was having a hard time hearing due to the roar of the crowd…

He did, however, hear Noobus approaching – hard not to when approaching at a run – and was able to defend himself for a turn or two.

Siberius, incensed by Noobus’ insensitivity (beating on a blind man and all) ran over and laid the smack down – attacking with two hand weapons - his fighting (to hit) rolls were both 18(!?) – both raises. He scored a total of SEVEN wounds between the two, but Noobus somehow managed to soak six of them (beginner’s luck?)

Trius joined the fight and Darkus was left to attempt to fight the bewildered Noobus.

Trius kept nipping in and out of combat…

Noobus seriously wounded Darkus, who took a dive. A Crowd favourite, they took pity on him and he was spared.

Siberius was left to battle the two from Ludus Daveous.

They took turns charging in and taking cracks at him

Eventually they brought him down and he did not survive the day….

Game Three

Ludus Amandus vs Ludus Rickus





There was a great deal of smack talk to start this one… everyone approaching very slowly…

Very, VERY slowly all attempting to taunt or intimidate everyone from the opposintg ludus.

Someone said something nasty that made Aximae cry for a couple turns while Saron and Sura ganged up on Vorro.

Eventually Aximae pulled himself together and joined in the battle.

A mighty blow from his great axe seriously injured Sura who took a dive and called it a day. Being the most beautiful Gladiator around she was spared.

Aximae was then able to turn his attention to Sarona.

Sarona found herself then fighting both of Ludus Rickous’ brutes.

I seemed to have stopped taking photos at this point… Sarona really held her own – she beat down Aximae (incapacitating him) and fought off Vorro for some time, eventually she was seriously wounded and took a dive (figuring it’d be better to take a thumb roll at -2 than a bleed out roll at -4….) alas she was not favoured buy the crowd and was finished off by Vorro!

With everyone not making bloodthirsty characters this week the death rate dropped a little… though there were some serious injuries…

Is anyone actually reading this....? Bonus benny or a free wound recovery for one character of everyone that comments (well... that's playing in the campaign... anyone else that comments... um... will get to read future game reports...?)


Bard said...

The blood splashes on the sand are a nice (and gruesome) touch.

ADB said...

Im reading it :-)

Dominus Amandus said...

I'll take the free wound recovery for Sura or Sabrina so at least maybe one of them can see some action the next time - thanks!

tim said...

Cheers guys!

I added extra blood puddles as the game went on (where gladiators had been injured) and smears where gladiators had fallen and been dragged away....

Gordon said...

I'm reading, too! (Not that this helps anyone...) Very entertaining.

tim said...

Thank Gordon! It's good to know I'm not just firing off electrons into the void!

I can't believe, of all my players, it's AMANDA that actually READ this and replied... She's never even bothered to read the RULES!?