Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gladiators Week Six

A whole raft of new gladiators entering the arena this week… had a few (real time) weeks off so Patrick and Jackson got a few more figures painted – and as the games have been bloody almost everyone (except Amanda) was fielding at least one new gladiator this week.

Maybe I should have given them some criminals to execute… ah well..

Of course, before the battles, we checked to see if any of the injured recovered.

Publius Gnaeus Mediocritus has some sort of lingering infection and STILL showed no signs of further recovery. Sabrina remained pretty seriously injured, but Sura mad a pretty dramatic recovery (only one wound – of three – remaining) and Sonja fully recovered from her last weeks injury.

Game One

Three on Three




Orangeus Saladus
Gluteus Maximus

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

This match was fast a furious!

There was a bit of smack-talk as the gladiators approached – but as soon as they met it got very bloody very fast – like in the first turn

BAM! Aximus is wounded

BAM! Lucious is wounded

BAM! Monotonus is wounded

BAM! Down goes Aximus

Monotonus was then severely wounded by Serena and chose to take a dive – he was spared by the crowd. Lucious, not so lucky…

AS the survivors of the initial match-ups circled there was a bit more smack-talk (taunting and intimidating – including Gluteous Maximus mooning Serena – who was so horrified she was briefly shaken by the incident…) Things went badly very fast for Serena – being double teamed and fighting against a bloodthirsty foe…

Game Two

Three on Three

Minimus Caesar
Hipp O’Potomus



Once again the match opened with some jockeying for position and smack-talk. Some how it ended up with two two-on-one match ups…

Diesalotus fought against Sonja and Hipp O’Potamus

Minimus Caesar took on Brutus and Craxus

It took a fair bit of hammering on Diesalotus to get him down – being a bloodthirsty, mean, ugly brute, he was not spared by the crowd…

Minimus Caesar single-handedly took down Brutus and Craxus – also not loved by the crowd, they were shown no mercy…

And that wraps up another bloody week of Gladiatorial savagery…

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