Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gladiators - Week Five

I just finished reading volumes 1-4 for The Walking Dead and was tempted to run a zombie game this week – but just didn’t end up having time to organize it (and clean more of the table off…). I also saw the trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger and was tempted to bust out the East Front Campaign… (again… lack of time to prepare…). Sometime this summer we will see some zombies and nazi/commie supersoldiers battling it out… perhaps in the same game!!

Anyway… On with the gladiatorial battles!

Week Five

Actually, before the battles we checked to see if any of the injured recovered.

Publius Gnaeus Mediocritus did not recover any further, nor did Sura, or Sabrina. Gorgeus Maximus, succumbing to his wounds, went to join his brother Beauteus Maximus in the underworld …

Executing Condemned Criminals

Spearus Nochuckos, Sonja, Monotonous, and Serina

To take a break from the bloodshed (of CHARACTERS) like last week _ decided to throw the players a “gimme” – executing condemned criminals… of course the last time I did that it was so fast and one-sided I decided to make these criminals a bit more determined not to die – they were wildcards with three wounds, wild die, but only one benny (their luck had, more or less, run out) they were d6s across the board and only two had swords (the other two had improvised weapons…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

There was a fair bit of smack talk from the gladiators as they approached… a few were intimidated, one (the fellow on his knees) was shaken… TWICE!

The Condemned rushed to one side to try and gang up on a gladiator and succeeded in swarming Spearus, and wounding him. Monotonous rushed to his aid and relieve some of the pressure.

They’d picked the side opposite the gimped girl gladiator who would be three whole turns away from being able to aid her teammates.

A second round of wild attacks from the criminals and Spearus was down… (a total of SEVEN wounds between the two blows... we didn't even bother rolling on the bleed out table...).

Monotonous, who’d wounded the man he’d been battleing deftly extricated himself from that melee and regrouped with the remaining member of his team.

Bit of a stand off – with shouts of intimidation flying about…

The condemned regrouped as well and pulling high cards all went on hold to await the gladiators’ onslaught.

Sonja, being a tad impulsive, rushed the group – they all successfully interrupted and faliled wildly at her – but she hid behind her shield and struck back when she saw openings.

The condemned got a second round of batterings in before Serina and Monotonous were able to get in and help out and Sonja took one wound.

Monotonous took down the Condemned Man he’d originally battled with and Serina repeatedly ensnared another in her net – giving him jabs with her trident. Sonja hid behind her shield trying to recover while two criminals battered away at her.

Eventually Sonja recovered and dealt with some nasty blows to the Condemned Men and Monotonous and Serina mopped up a bit..

A bit more exciting that the utter slaughter of Condemend Men last time… even lost a gladiator in the match.

Patrick just not having luck with his Gladiators… I’m waiting for “Diesalotus” to show up in Ludus Patrician.

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