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The Kids finished up the first Dragonlance module earlier this week… and I’ll get back to that… but on Savage Saturday we have four MIA to three showing up so I decided to roll out the WWW2 stuff for a return to the old BPO Campaign….

Stalingrad, September 1942


After the last mission the unit was sent to a remote base in the urals for convalescence and training. They spent some time in the late summer investigating reports of paranormal occurrences that turned out to be nothing and in September were sent south the Stalingrad front.

Yesterday at dawn the Germans launched another attack that took over part of the city that housed the local BPO offices. The Unit was brought in to try and recover or destroy any records, artifacts, or personnel that may have been left behind.

Serzhant Trotsky and his squad were given this mission. Attached was BPO Psykic Leytnant Putyatin and a new recruit Sergei Karamanov (a very sneaky scout which Curtis made up this evening because he hadn't played in this campaign previously)


The Players need to cross behind enemy lines, locate the ruined BPO office and attempt to recover any records, artifacts, or personnel and retire back across to friendly lines

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Curtis, Dave, and Amanda and the ruins of Stalingrad.

Without really planning things out they all just tromped across the front following Karamanov. Though Karamanov cross the front like a ghost, Sgt. Trotsky’s squad, who’d perhaps had a bit too much liquid courage befreo setting off struck up a marching song - or something like that – which attaracted the attention of a German squad hiding in some ruins along the front.

There was a brief exchange of wild fire and the soviets scattered to cover. Anya Putyatin started melting the Germans brains with her mind… One dropped to the ground, blood pouring out of his ears and eyes, screaming in agony…

Another couple were similarly dealt with as the Russians consolidated into cover.

Not having great cover Trotsky’s squad decided to dash for a more intact building, but that drew fire from some previously unseen foes.

One of Trotsky’s Squad fell.

The shooters were form a squad of veteran SS that were sitting in the building they were to locate. Unbeknownst to the Soviet team there were captured BPO personnel in there and some rather nasty Gestapo types types…

Another German at the front line is dealt with by Lt. Putyatin, their sole remaining comrades slinks into a corner to hide.

Sgt. Trotsky rushed out of cover to shoot the remaining German.

Karamanov had long since abandoned these noisy idiots and was trying to sneak around the flank on his own…

At almost the exact same moment a team of German Feldpolizei and Karamanov spotted each other another firefight erupted!

Sgt. Trotsky’s squad reached the front of a building across from where the SS and Feldpolizei were firing from cover.

Between the SS and a pair of Gestapo thugs that joined in the fight, two of Trotsky’s squad were shot down, and the remaining two shaken.

Karamanov shot one of the Feldpolizei shattering the others morale.

Another of Trotsky’s men had been shot, but Lt. Putyatin had finally caught up and for the first time in all the games I’ve played made use of the Combat Medic edge and brought him back into play! Huzzah!

Hans and Gunter, the Gestapo Thugs, are shot down by Sgt. Trotsky.

The Feldpolizei taking more casualties.

With Hans and Gunther down the SS moved their LMG team to the side of the building to deal with Sgt. Trotsky. Lt. Putyatin, back on the offensive, scrambled the gunners brain, and Sgt. Trotsky finished the two of htem off.

The last of the Feldpolizei goes down.

Another SS soldier shot down.

Taking no more fire from the building occupied by the Feldpolizei, Karamanov decided to make a dash across – only to be shot down by another MG team down the street which had been waiting, in hiding, on hold... Seven wounds. SEVEN!? I don't think he even knew what hit him?!

Curtis noted that that was the first character he’d played that had been outright killed…. (he had just made him up this evening!)

The SS taking more casualties.

And antoher one bites the dust…

It was a pretty drawn out firefight so I said the important people that were in the building had plenty of time to get away…

Again Sgt. Trotsky’s squad takes casualties.

And, again, Lt. Putyatin brings one back into play!

The last of the SS put out of action.

Sgt. Trotsky enters the building. There was little left behind, that he could see, so he planted his demolition charge in the middle to destroy anything remaining and scarpered.

German reinforcements arrive and they soviets try to make a run for it!

Escaping from the advancing reinforcements meant running directly into the field of fire of the MG that took out Karamanov! Luckily Lt Putyatin had scrambled the brain of the gunner the previous turn and he was unable to recover before the end of the game (seriously he made five attempts to recover from beign shaken and just couldn’t do it!?)

The last few turns endedup being and intense chase through the ruined streets of Stalingrad!

The last surviving member of Trotsky’s squad was shot down and Putyatin, who was also injured, couldn’t save him… again…

A lucky Joker probably saved Lt. Putyatin’s life – who had been shot a second time and was up to THREE WOUNDS. The joker helped her recver from being shaken which got her just about around the corner, out of the fields of fire of the pursuing Germans.

Last turn – Trotsky man-handled Lt. Putyatin over the last wall into cover and relative safety of the soviet front lines…

In Sgt. Trotsky’s report he likely declaired that the building was located and all remaining records and artifacts were destroyed… of course they will never know how much was carted away by the Gestapo before they got there…

Of Sgt. Trotsky’s Squad two were seriously wounded and were finished off by the Germans. The three others were lightly wounded. Two were captured while the third snuck into cover and hid. He escaped back across the front to soviet lines six days later. The two captured Russians were interrogated but assumed to know nothing of importance. They were later transported to a camp in Poland where they remained until they were liberated in early 1945 – miraculously surviving their ordeal….

On the German side… of the five Germans holding the front line three were seriously addled by Putyatin’s psykic attack and were convalesced back to Germany and spent the rest of their lives in an institution. The two others were left unconscious but recovered to return to the lines in a few days – but suffered from terrible headaches and nightmares for some time. Two of the feldpolizei were seriously wounded and evacuated from Stalingrad, the other two recovered quickly and were returned to duty. Two of the SS were outright killed in action, another was seriously wounded, and the remaining three escaped with minor injuries.

Not sure if there’s going to be any games until the new year... It seems like most people are going to be busy with the holidaze and seasonal festivities over the next three weeks. Maybe I’ll run a few more one-offs like this if anyone is available…

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