Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kids Savage Worlds DargonLance Campaign Update

I’ve been remiss in updating these campaign sessions… so here is a quick update of the last three sessions:


In Session 9, after about three months of playing we found ourselves at the afternoon at the fourth day after the adventure began… Oi!? Anyway… They found and confronted the dragon!

Bursting into the Dragon’s Lair! Huzzah!

No messing about – they charged in and tried to do battle (not realizing the utter hoplesness of doing so)

As per the adventure plot Goldmoon (at the bidding of Mishakels ethereal voice) strode forth and struck the dragon with the Blue Crystal Staff and they both disappeared in flash of blinding light.

I took a picture of it… it was a damage roll… I can’t remember exactly what it was for… I think it was for Sturm Brightblade, who was hit by a falling stone as the cavern began to collapse around them. I said he was buried under a pile of stone – to prevent them from trying to save his very dead butt (following the suggestion of “obscure deaths” written right into the book). Sturm has been a favourite of Finnegan’s and a few tears were shed… but I tried to keep things moving along…

They decided to try and take the “elevator” back up but found a few draconians at the base and had to fight them amidst the falling rocks…

They eventually made it up and found Goldmoon AND Sturm at the base of Mishakels statue in the temple above! Huzzah! Everyone escaped before the whole mess burned down, fell over, and sank into the swamp creating some very good foundations for further construction, methinks!)

BACK TO SOLACE (one way or another...)

In Session 10 the group hiked out of the swamp and over the hills and started to make their way back across the plains toward Solace. The passed the ruins of Que-Shu and debated whether to carry on to Solace or follow the tracks heading south. Eventually it was decided to head to Solace first.

At Que-Kiri, along the way, they ran into some trouble…

They ran into a new kind of draconian (that melted into a puddle of acid when they were killed) and were beaten down quite fiercely and ultimately captured. They were chucked into a cage on the back of a wagon and hauled over the pass to Solace – which they found to be in utter ruins!


In Session 11 we were joined by our neighbors - Shawn and his son Christopher (who have also decided to start homeschooling). Shawn took over playing Riverwind, and Christopher took over playing Sturm Brightblade. Finnegan is still playing Flint Fireforge, Keira is still playing Tasslehoff, V. is still playing Tanis and Caramon, C. is still playing Goldmoon, but also took on playing Tika Waylan (Who was also thrown into the cage with them when they reached Solace), and Bruce is still playing Raistlin.

Everyone was in a pretty bad way – from the beat down in the previous session. So I made the caravan go a bit slower than suggested in the book (which was probably a more realistic speed for traveling though mountain passes!) to give Goldmoon a few days to try and heal people up.

As the caravan passed by the Qualinesti Wood they were ambushed by Elves!

This was a bit of an epic battle and we ended up running out of time before the battle was truly concluded… but in the end good triumphed over evil and our heroes escaped into the woods with the Elves. Huzzah!

This week we were to forge ahead, but Bruce and co. never showed. So I started a new side-campaign for Christopher, Finnegan and Keira – more on that in a bit!

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