Saturday, January 14, 2012

More Sla-Mori

By the afternoon (of Day 22) our heroes had finished cleaning off zombie goo from the Previous Encounter and were ready to forge ahead…

They trundled through one hall and some of them fell into a trap and twisted ankles and stuff. Undaunted and not-quite-dead they carried on and found a room with a BIGASS chain rising up and out of sight through a tight hole in the ceiling high above. The Kender figured he could fit up there and decided to climb up and see what he could find.

Realizing the Kender was not coming back anytime soon some of the others forged ahead down the corridor, effectively splitting the party.

I hate it when that happens… It’s one thing when a character are going to scout ahead briefly and everyone else is going to stay put and wait until they return – but it’s something completely different when one group goes one way and another goes another with no clear plan as to how they’re supposed to meet up again. For one it means some players have to sit and twiddle their thumbs for great periods of time while others play out what their characters are doing. Another difficulty is how far ahead do you let one group delve before returning to the others. Further – how do you deal with information? If everyone’s sitting there listening and hearing all the stuff that they other group or individuals are doing , do you trust them no to act on information they hear that their characters would not have any clue about – it’s hard…

Previously (like, years ago) I would send the people not with an individual group into another room… Then I got sick of that because the group was ALWAYS splitting up and getting into separate fights in separate areas and some evenings some players wouldn’t get to play at all – and I essentially told them not to split up anymore…

I guess I could give them disincentives to do so – increase the likelihood of random encounters/wandering monsters and beat them down when they do.

Anyway the group that scouted ahead down below found their way into a cellar and then into a guard room

In the guard room they confronted a few draconian guards and freed Princess Laurana…

(Here I lowered the number of guards… should have kept it at the suggested number and beat them all to a pulp, took away all their stuff, and forced the others to now rescue them in addition to carrying out the mission… except now having to do it with less than half their number… and with the entire fortress aware of their presence – a totally impossible task – do I want to end the campaign in module two – of the twelve that I have successfully tracked down over the last year!?)

The Kender (Roscoe Thorngage) climbed waaaay up in the fortress and snuck around and found out some stuff (here I did kick all the other players out of the room).

Not sure if the game is going on tonight only two have confirmed their attendance, two are definitely not coming, the other two I haven’t heard from (but haven’t been showing up regularly so I generally assume that they won’t be here…).

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