Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pax Tharkas (with the BIG kids)

Whoops. I’ve slacked off a little updating the Dragonlance Campaigns. Here are the last two session of the big kids Saturday Night game…

Getting later into the afternoon (of Day 22… still…) our heroes retreated back to the “Chain Room”, having battled Draconians and saved the captive Elven Princess in our Previous Encounter

They ate some supper and awaited the return of the Kender – after an hour or so they heard some orcs and goblins heading down the passage towards them, evidently having come across the signs of the struggle and tracked them back to the Chain Room.

Riverwind rushed to the door, perhaps to block them from pouring into the room. Unfortunately not one went with him… so the orcs did pour into the room and quickly surrounded Riverwind.

It was quite the long, pitched battle, but I think it ended with Only Riverwind being seriously wounded (3 wounds!) and most of those, if I recall correctly, were from friendly fire into close combat!?

Afterwards Goldmoon, who’s starting to get the hang of the whole healing thing, healed him up pretty good (removing tow of three wounds). Princess Laurana and maybe Norfindel were also wounded, but survived and were given some quick first aid and set straight right away!

And that was Session 12… The battle took a while… we started late… and ended early…

This week our heroes left a note for the Kender should he ever return that way and forged ahead. They returned to the Guard Room where they had rescued Princess Laurana. They ahd a look out the two different doors leading out of the room and found dark hallways leading out of both.

Princess Laurana was able to lead them to the prison area where all the women were being kept. Henry FitzArnulf, actually being played by Christian for the first time in over a month and a half, stood guard at the Guard Room while others went off to rescue the women. While they were healing one of the prisoners and rying to make plans for getting them out a group of Draconians blundered into the Guard Room


Henry charge the Draconians! Others followed – through their quick and decisive action, they were actually able to stop the two who had run off to get help before they made it to the stairs!

Afterwards I sent everyone upstairs for a bit so I could sort out what exactly The Kender was up to… I’ll have to fill you in on that later, lest my players sort out what’s going on…

Anyway, The rest of the women folk were freed but it was discovered that the children were being held hostage under the careful eye of an ancient red dragon! The men were being held elsewhere as well and were being forced to work as slaves in the mines… while they were plotting and preparing to head out the entire fortress became to shake as thought it was all about to collapse. Many were thrown to the ground and the trembling went on for half a minute. When it stopped all was deadly quite.

The silence was broken by someone wondering aloud “What did the Kender DO!?”

(If only they knew….)

Guessing that stealth and secrecy was no longer an option they formed ranks and, after making a quick check of the other rooms on this level of the dungeon, started climbing the stairs to the level above where it was clear complete chaos and pandemonium reigned!

We called it a night at that point because this was a bit of a departure from how I think it was imagined the module would play out – though, I think, not all that different from the books…. And I need some time to sort out where all the denizens of the fortress are at and what they would be up to at the moment….

Hopefully we will be forging ahead next week and finishing this part of the adventure!!!

I can’t believe how many sessions I’m getting out of each of these modules. WE started in September and still haven’t finished the second (of TWELVE!) modules in the campaign!?


Anonymous said...

Next time, when we tie a rope around the Kender to keep him from running off, we'll make sure to plan a rendezvous before we loosen the knot. We're still lugging his backpack around too! It was nice to have Henry back from the land of mysteries, or whereever his mind had wandered for the last few days - he's a good fighter, even with his little sword, though his armor's starting to look a bit shabby. Norfindel

Roscoe Thorngage said...

It wasn't me.

Christian Knudsen said...

Henry has really not felt himself since being rescued from the slave caravan - maybe he took a blow to the head? But now he is back in possession of his faculties, and ready to grab that sword is (when?) Norfindel is cooked alive by the Dragon, and finish the job in the finest Solamnic knight style. Henry has decided that while Norfindel and Laurana are ok, he is not much a fan of the elves and their willingness to sacrifice the innocent humans of Abanisinia to the dragon hordes...

Anonymous said...

Well, even when no one comes to help and I'm pert near laid out dead by invading goblins, it's good to have Goldmoon there to envigorate me. Now to find out what's shaking with the Kender!

Amanda said...

I have a strange feeling that the little Kender is up to some curious business and we are all very soon to likely suffer from it! Lorena

Anonymous said...

Note to self:

The Norfitzarndel hammer and anvil recipe works!! Put Fitzarnulf (the anvil) on one end of an evil horde, and put Norfindel (the hammer) on the other. Squeeze gently (or not so gently) on either end till a goblin or two pops out. Then fire arrows into the group. Add a pinch of danger for spice (a companion might get hit). And voila – dead goblins!!

Marcus Cabot