Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Isle of the Satyrs

It’s been, shamefully, almost a month since our last adventure. I’d been kind of hoping I’d get a chance to finish the ships before forging ahead, but I’ve realized we could be waiting a long time for that…

In this adventure the ship (yet to be named) arrived at a small isle – which had a small bay and a village by the shore which the captain thought might be a good place to pick up fresh water and supplies and perhaps do some trade.

When they walked into the village they found it to be eerily quiet – almost like it was abandoned – though they saw the smoke rising from cooking fires and the occasional face peering out through the darkened windows.

When Athis entered a home she found a couple terrified and filled with despair. A group of Satyrs from the nearby woods had stolen all the villages children and were holding them hostage and demanding the villagers turn over half of all the food they harvested.

Our heroes said “fear not! We shall return your children! Just point us in the direction of the woods!”

Athis turned out to be an exceptional tracker (Keria just kept acing and scored raise after raise, with every tracking roll all game!). They found and followed a track into the woods that the Satyrs were clearly using to go back and forth to the village to haul away their booty.

AS they pressed on through the woods Dionysophenes spotted some lookouts in the bushes ahead (Finnegan was likewise hot with the notice rolls – despite the Satyrs being woodsmen, and in cover, and acing their stealth rolls, Finnegan just kept rolling better!? I’d initially planned to have a aroow whistle out of the bush and have the satyrs taunting/intimidating them from unseen hiding spots in the bush… no such luck)

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Finnegan (Dionysophenes) and Keira (Athis) – excited to be playing Savage Worlds again (thought yesterday we did play a game of Hordes of the Things).

As Dion pointed out the Satyrs hiding in the bush one of them scarpered and the others loosed off arrows at Dion and Athis.

Dion was hit and shaken!

Dion and Athis charged and dispatched the two Satyrs before they could even flee!

The others rushed up to try and catch the other, but he was long gone…

The though they should follow him but when I called for another tracking roll and Keira rattled out a couple more raises I pointed out that the main trail they’d been following went off in the opposite direction – should they follow the main path or chase after the fleeing lookout? They chose (wisely) to follow the main path. When I then gave them the option of following it as hastily as they could or slowly and cautiously and stealthily they chose the latter – had they chose the former I would have said they got to the Satyr camp before the lookout got back and may have taken them by surprise.

As it was they Satyrs were aware of their approach and ready for them…

Athis rushed into the clearing (having the highest card), and the Satyrs tried to turn her into a pincushion (having the next two highest cards) – after a soak roll she escaped with only being shaken… As she took cover in the bush the others rushed forward to help – one was downed by and arrow from the leader of the Satyrs. Dion had the good sense to try and skirt around the clearing under cover.

Unfortunately the sneaky Satyrs spotted him and headed him off – both hit wounding Dion grievously.  He slumped into cover and remained there for pretty much the rest of the game – unable to remove the painful arrow in his arm (unable to recover from being shaken)

Athis recovered and rushed out followed by one of their friends and attacked the leader of the Satyrs.

Athis cut him down and he tried to flee (I think doing five wounds!?) – spear through the heart. This prompted and morale test from the Satyrs which the failed!

The tables turned…

Athis and one of their friends rushed the Satyrs in the woods and cut down three of them, Their other friend the archer exchanged shots with another and eventually brought him down. The remaining two Satyr archers fled.

There was another Satyr in the clearing – who turned out to be very friendly. He had been taking care of the children and explained that it was the thuggish leaders idea to kidnap the children and most of the others went along with it. He could have helped the kids escape but it would have meant his own death and the thugs would have just gone straight back to the village and carried them off again – and they wouldn’t have been cared for nearly so well…

Our heroes friend that had been shot by the arrow, turned out to have just been knocked out and wasn’t seriously injured at all.

Upon their return to the village with the children there was much rejoicing. A festival was held in the heroes honour and their ship was provisioned with the finest foods and wines the islanders had to offer.

Of the other Satyrs one died, two were seriously wounded, and the other three lightly wounded. Though all had been taught a serious lesson and would not likely be trying anything like that again. 


Slorm said...

Very good AAR!

When are we going to enjoy another one?

I am intrigued, where did you get the Satyr stats?

tim said...


Hopefully we'll get around to another game soon... This past week or so has been a little overwhelming with the return to regularly scheduled activities and a major project I need to finish up. Soon... hopefully soon!

I've played enough Savage Worlds that I'm pretty comfortable just making stuff up as I go. I don't have the cards I made handy, but I basically gave them all d6s across the board, made then a pace of 8 and a running of d8 and said they weren't slowed by moving though woods. I think they had d6 shooting and d4 fighting good notice and stealth... the leader was a wildcard and probably had d8 shooting...?