Sunday, October 9, 2011

Descent into Darkness

The Fourth Session of the Saturday Night Savages DragonLance Campaign….

Jackson finally made it out to a game and made himself a Human Ranger type (hopefully we’ll have a background for him shortly – AND MAYBE ONES FOR LAURANA AND MAGNUS!?).

Speaking of Laurana, for a (minor) pacifist, she had been doing a whole lot of “shooting first” last session… So I decided to take away her Bolt spell and replaced it with Armour – as it seemed to fit her character better. I did allow her touse her level-up from last session to take Slumber…

In our last session The Heroes had finally made it to the Ruins of Xak Tsaroth. Attacked by a dragon they sought refuge in the only standing building nearby – which turned out to be the temple of Mishakal. And that’s where this evenings adventures began!

Exploring the temple they found a statue of Mishakal that came to life and spoke to them, pretty much telling them what they needed to find (the Discs of MIshakal) and where to find it (in the Dragon Hoard)! While further investigating the temple they discovered some cowardly Gully Dwarves and were discovered by a unit of Draconians…

They were dealt with pretty quickly – due to about half of them falling asleep on the first turn… only waking up just in time to die…

After they were finished snooping around the Temple they descended and spiral stone staircase into the deep dark underworld. They discovered a worn trail leading out of the main hall they had descended into, but decided to check out some side passages. While trying to look down into some big cracks in the floor they head noises in an ajoining hall. They took too long trying to decide what to do – stay and make ready to fight or run and hide – and didn’t think to put their lights out… so they were discovered.

Another squad of draconians dealt with easily thanks partly, again, to the slumber spell, and partly to the unstable crumbling floor which sent a few tumbling into the vast blackness below….

Returning to the well worn path through the crypts they ran into another batch of Guly Dwarves all queued up in a hall. Unable to communicate in any sensible way with them they tried to sneak up to the room ahead to see what was going on. The ALL decided to “sneak up” and someone made a noise and they were spotted.

The two overseers were again knocked out by the slumber spell and they “dealt with” by other party members…

They discovered a secret passageway and the sewer tunnel the gulley dwarves had been using. In the first section they descended the Kender lost his grip and went sliding down – bowling down a group of Guly Dwarves who were coming up the tunnel. Regrouping at a junction, they decided to take the steeper tunnel down (as they Gully Dwarves seemed to indicate that that is where they had come from.

On this one too there was sliding. Goldmoon slipped and took out nearly the whole group. Rolling for some damage on this one most escaped with minor bumps and bruises (a couple were “shaken”). But Goldmoon must have hit her head in the initial fall and knocked herself out. Then, being unconscious bettered her head on the sides of the stone tunnel all the way down and fell hard at the bottom – she took SIX WOUNDS!! Luckily she soaked one… Then Norfindel worked his (nearly magical) healing on her (the fantasy version of First Aid and CPR), taking off another wound. The Blue Crystal Staff healed a further two bringing her back to her senses but leaving her battered with two wounds.

AT that point I suggested we could stop – most seemed ready to bash on until I pointed out it was midnight…. Amanda called the game as she has to teach yoga in the morning and kicked everyone out…

Tune in next week! Find out if they survive the dragon and find the mysterious Discs of Mishakal!!

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