Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lorena Whiteswan

Lorena Whiteswan - Wildcard Wizard - Amanda
Ag d6, Sm d10, Sp d8, St d8, Vg d8,
Pace 6, Parry 5 (6 ), Toughness 6
Skills: Fighting d6, Notice d6, Stealth d4, Spellcasting d10, Throwing d4, Knowledge: Arcana d10, Survival d4, Riding d4, Swimming d4, Persuasion d4, Healing d4, Investigation d4, Climbing d4,
Edges: Arcane Background (Magic), Alertness, Luck, Wizard
Hindrances: loyal, pacifist, Code of Honour
Spells: Detect/Conceal ARcana, Light, Armour, Slumber
Gear: Robes, Staff (Str+d4, Parry +1, Reach 1), Dagger (Str+d4), Backpack, Bedroll, etc.

Lorena was born in Solace just after her parents moved there. Her father, John Whiteswan, a master carpenter, was invited to move there by his cousins who’d lived in the town for a couple generations.

Her older brother (by three years), Arnulf, had been born in Solamnia. When he was 14, he was apprenticed to another Master Carpenter, who moved to Solamnia in search of work and Arnulf went with him. No one has heard from him since.

Lorena had four younger siblings that were born in Solace. Isador, her younger sister (by just a year) has always been a rival – and a bit of a brute – bullying her constantly. She still lives at home – exasperating her parents.

Gwenyth and Gyles, twins (four years younger than Lorena) get along with her quite well. Both are recently married. Gyles is a carpenter and works with his dad, and Gwenyth is married to one of her fathers other apprentices Morgan Hammermann.

A Third sister was born a couple years after the twins but died when she was only one in a housefire.

Lorena’s youngest brother Quinlan (10 years younger) is also apprenticing to be a carpenter under her father, but longs to travel and go adventuring like his older sister.

Lorena, showing an aptitude for magic, was apprenticed to a Wizard at the age of thirteen. The wizard, Rowena Lablanca, traveled a lot and maintained a number of households across western Ansalon in Solamnia, Ergoth and Abanasinnia. Every couple years Lorena would return with Rowena to Solace – sometimes for a month, sometimes a whole year, but eventually they would be moving on. After twenty years Lorena’s apprenticeship has come to an end – passing the tests at the Tower of High sorcery. She has traveled home to Solace to decide what to do next…

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