Sunday, October 23, 2011

Flight of the Peagasi and Into the Swamp

In our last session the kids had met the forest master who had suggested that they go to Xak Tsaroth and find the “greatest gift”. He provided them with Pegasi (Pegasuses?) to swiften their journey.

In the game I ran for the other group I had the Pegasi land them near the Que Shu village (much as they did in the novel) and they had to hoof it over the Forsaken Mountains – I decided to skip that with these guys and had the Pegasuses fly them over the forsaken mountains and drop them off at the edge of the swamp.

So into the swamp they went!!

At the fallen Ironwood tree they were ambushed!

There was only three Draconian warriors and one Wildcard Draconian sorcerer… but because of the order they were in and the Draconicans ambushed them – most of the heroes warriors were stuck on the far side of the water.

The sorcerer menaced them with a few fireballs. Both times Caramon took two wounds and was unable to soak them. The second time, Raistlin, who was also in the blast template, took no damage so we said Caramon had leapt in front of his brother to shield him from the blast and took the brunt of it.

Tasslehoff, who had been frightful in the very first game first game we played, took a pretty severe beating at the hands of a pair of Draconian warriors.

When the battle was over no amount of healing, mundane or divine, was able to help Tasslehoff or Caramon. So Tasslehoff is severely wounded and Caraman has perished…. Yikes!

Next time: Further into the swampy ruins!

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