Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dragonlance With The Kids Again

It’s been too long since our first session (been having some scheduling issues – too many activities, unrealistic education program, etc… that’s all sorted out now, so hopefully we’ll be getting more regular gamin’ in!).

AS before the kids were pretty fired up. This session sort of introduced them to some gen-u-ine “role-playing”. Previously our games have been mostly skirmish scenarios – the first session they were simply ambushed on the road.

It is completely different playing with entirely inexperienced children compared to the Saturday Night Savages (who often joke about making a “Knowledge: Role-playing Games skill check” to “decide” if they should take an obvious - to them - hint or clue from the GM…). A lot of stuff one would assume players would clue into right away they just don’t get at all…A couple times I had to describe Goldmoon and Riverwind sitting by the roadside singing their song and asked if they wanted to stop and listen or carry on the road to Solace (they wanted to carry on!?) and ask “are you SURE!?”

Of course I’ve had adult players that walked right by the obvious clue – sometimes assuming that because it was SOOooooOOOooo obvious it MUST be a TRAP!

The adventure has played out quite different from the Saturday Night group. Here Tanis, Tasslehoff, and Flint met Goldmoon and Riverwind on the road and traveled with them into Solace. Meeting up with the others at the Inn and hearing the many runours floating about they decided to escort Goldmoon and Riverwind to Haven as the staff seemed rather important.

Leaving solace the next morning they ran into some dressed in funny bulky clothes....

These turned out to be draconians in disguise who ambushed them. The group took care of them fairly quickly – but just as the skirmish ended they heard horns being sounded up and down the road and further up the road they saw more draconians gliding down from thetrees and racing towards them!

….and that’s where we had to leave it off!!

Hopefully we’ll get another chance to play this weekend!

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