Friday, November 11, 2011

Down into the Deep Dark!

Bruce and his kids came by and we got in a second game this week with the kids! Huzzah!

Picking up from where we left off on Tuesday, The group rushed the pair of Draconians and dispatched them in pretty short order.

As they looked down into the hole to see what the chains were all about they spotted another group of Draconians in a giant metal pot – suspended from the chain coming up towards them!! Arrows and bolts of macical energy were loosed at them as they ascended – but with little effect.

Eventually they popped up through the hole and were immediately in combat! This was a bit more of a slog – Tasslehoff and Goldmoon were both injured.

Afterwards Goldmoon attempted to heal herself and Tasslehoff, while the others had a brief conversation with some Gully Dwarves that were skulking about. It was eventually decided to try and ride the big pot down.

As they reached the bottom they encountered another Draconian standing by a big gong. Caramon and Riverwind rushed him and took him down before he could raise an alarm.

There was a bit of poking around in the ruined city and the bottom of the deep dark cavern and a stash of weapons was discovered, but that’s about as far as week got before Bruce and co. had to skedaddle.

Stay tuned for more action as the Saturday Savages rage ahead with DL02 Dragons of Flame – and next week when the kids group continues their exploration of the subterranean ruins of Xak Tsaroth!


Thomas Jakobsen said...

Hi Tim
It's great to see how you enjoy playing with the kids. Great job!

And on a not so related issue - what rules do you use for the Draconians? (I am considering running the old DL adventures with SW rules myself)?
And what kind of miniatures do you use for the draconians??

tim said...

Playing with the kids is a whole lot of fun. They have a completely different approach from the adult group that's playing the same campaign on Saturday evenings. The adults are a bit jaded at times and thoroughly understands all the "conventions" of fantasy literature and gaming and are pretty goal oriented - to get the big prize we will have to jump through these hoops and fight those guys, and then beat down a dragon... Whereas the kids are genuinely excited about a whole new world to explore... Not saying I don't like playing with the adult group - they're a whole lot of fun - it's just a very different sort of game.

I used the "dragonman" stats out of the Savage Worlds Fantasy Bestiary Tool Kit, but instead of flight I gave them the ability to glide as per the original D&D. I'm not sure if those stats are in the Fantasy companion.

The figures I am using are old Grenadier miniatures - a few I had already... supplemented by a few more picked up of ebay. There are "official" Draconian minis that come up on ebay fairly regularly - but people want an absurd amount of money for them. Reaper Miniatures has a few "Dragon Men" minis - of which I've picked up one to be a wildcard/leader Draconian...

David Allan Finch said...

This is cool. I have been playing a cut down version of Advanced Heroquest with my 5 year old. I was starting to wonder if he was ready for something like Savage Worlds. How did they find it?

tim said...

They love it! I try to focus a lot on the role-playing (which is really just like play pretend which is what their "regular playing" is all about). Keria (5) can't read so good yet so when looking for something new on her character card Finnegan (7) has to help her. for the most part I've memorized all the stats of her character and just tell her which dice to roll - with the dice map she's very quickly picked up on the concept of which dice are which, totally understands the wild die and can recognize which number is the highest number on a die and will immediately pick it up to roll again it she rolls it (of course she can't ADD the dice yet - but I usually let Finnegan do that for her - just for more math practice...).

I super streamlined things - I don't bother keeping track of arrows or spell points or food or even listed the equipment they have. I just wanted to focus on the idea of role-playing and getting the basic mechanics of the games (skill and other trait tests, etc).

The characters were also pre-generated.

But I can see a point in the not-to-distant future when they'll be wanting to make their own characters and buy their own equipment and keep track of stuff...