Monday, November 28, 2011

Skulking in the Darkness

After two weeks of life intervening since our last session, the kids finally got together for another session of our Savage Worlds Dragon Lance campaign.

Once again the curious Kender led the way, since no one else felt the urge to take the lead or convince Tasselhoff to go any other way…

She was determined to see what was back up the street back the way they had came and strode back in that direction – being none to cautious about it. She got out of the ruined building they had been in and crossed the street and didn’t even notice the Draconians back down the street – where they had came from – investigating the dusty remains of the sentry by the “elevator pot” and just about to form a search party (to find the intruders that had vanquished him). They, however noticed her… and Goldmoon, who was the second out the door.

The Draconians rushed them! The rest of the heroes poured out of the building and dispatched the group of Draconians.

The Kender continued to lead them hither and thither, up and down the ruined streets of the subterranean ruins of Xak Tsaroth. Eventually her wanderings led them into a building occupied by two ogres. I think Keira shrieked… (I very definitely remember her saying “I don’t want to be there!)

The Kender ran for a corner to hide in while the rest of the crew stormed into the room and dealt with the ogres handily…

Again the Kender set off to explore with the companions following… The third and final encounter took place in an ancient armoury

Again a group of Draconians.

I think someone was actually injured in this battle… I should take better notes… or do these up quicker after the game – it’s hard to take good notes while trying to keep the game moving along at a fast, furious, and fun pace!

I think in game terms it must be late-late-late at night… perhaps I’ll have to have them hunker down for a couple hours shut-eye before they press on (or start having them roll for fatigue…)

Hopefully Bruce and the gang will be able to make it again tomorrow and the adventures will rage on!

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