Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Xak Tsaroth! (with the Kids)

Finally got in another game with the kids – and this time we had new players join us! Yay! Bruce, C., and V.

C. took over Goldmoon, V. took Caramon and Tanis, Bruce took Raistlin and Riverwind, Finnegan kept Sturm Brightblade and Flint, and Keira kept Tasslehoff… I decided the blue crystal staff was a bit “weak” and so healed a couple wounds of those injured in the last session; making Tasslehoff all better again and Caramon slightly less... well... dead…

Picking up from where we left off in the swamp, the group found a fairly well-worn path – with lots of Draconian footprints. Flint figured the Draconians were there looking for the same thing they were. They decided to follow the path to see where it led. Not too far along they came across a second, less traveled path branching off fro the main one. Discussing it a moment it was decided a less traveled path would likely mean running into less Draconians, so they followed that one.

This lead them across a few more slippery woven vine bridges – which burned a few bennies in attempts to not fall in the swamp! The path led tehm by an evil-looking black water pool. On the edge of the pool they found what looked like a number of leathery egg shells from what must have been and enormous reptile of some sort (Dragons? Pffft! Nobody’s ever seen a Dragons – that’s kids scary stories and legend…).

One more woven vine bridge brought them to an open plaza in what seemed to be the center of the ruined city. The group explored the only standing building and (with a couple of insanely lucky common knowledge rolls!?) determined it to be a temple of Mishakel.

Entering the temple they discovered what probably came out of those eggs – three enormous black reptilian creatures were waiting in the entrance hall and attacked. After dispatching the creatures they had a really good look at them and determined they looked like miniature versions of the dragons they’d all heard about in the legends of old. They figured they must have been hatchlings…

Further into the temple they found the statue of Mishakel which came to life and charged them with recovering the Disks of Mishakel from the dragon horde in the caverns below that they may bring knowledge of the True Gods of Krynn to the people and lead them out of darkness… So they set of in search of some stairs.

They eventually found some that lead down into some catacombs – with some very unstable floors. After searching around a bit they heard a strange noise – a distant gong… followed by a whip cracking and the shuffling of feet… followed by a loud mechanical clanking noise…!?

Following the noise lead them to a chamber where they saw two great dark holes in the floor with a chain coming up out of one, trough a series of wheels suspended from the ceiling, and plunging back down into the darkness of the other hole. Also in the room were a pair of draconians!?

And that’s where we had to leave off!!

The kids are super excited to carry on, hopefully we’ll be able to meet up with our fellow adventurers and bash on soon!

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